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Kathy Di Giacomo was born and raised near the ocean in Southern California. Her dream was to move to the country to raise her 3 children. That dream materialized in the 70’s when she moved to Northern California and established Genius home-school school to educate her 3 children. Kathy has always had a passion for business, learning, teaching and helping others grow.

Kathy is CEO and founder of Confident and Success Coaching. As a professional Confidence and Success Coach, she offers a collaborative, solution-focused approach. Kathy uses transformational tools and resources to guide you to a new vision for successful living. Through these approaches, she provides support and practical feedback to help you effectively address your life challenges and desired future.

Kathy utilizes extraordinary coaching techniques and assignments to offer a highly-personalized step by step program tailored to help achieve what you want for a new life. Kathy works with you with compassion and understanding to build on your strengths and uniqueness. It is possible to attain the personal growth and new future you are committed to achieving.

Kathy Di Giacomo has a master’s degree in psychology. Kathy sustains extraordinary results while counseling those in need of mental, spiritual & recovery from codependency. Her unique and practical approach to counseling has a proven track record of getting powerful breakthroughs and long-term results.

Kathy brings 10 years’ experience in the arts with dance, 5 years of acting under the influence of Frances Ford Copella. She has worked with young people for 15 years utilizing the arts for exceptional results. She is also an accomplished author, speaker, and visionary entrepreneur.

With a B.A. Degree in Communication and Business Kathy has created, launched, managed, and trained anti-aging health workshops, online/offline events, and webinars. Kathy has presented to general audiences speaking on the topics of focused study, business goals, education, and guidance for life.

Kathy has had remarkable client results as a holistic health advisor, trainer, and motivator. Kathy has researched, monitored and maintained her physical health using holistic methods for 30 years. Kathy has worked with a broad spectrum of clients coaching them in holistic nutrition and Anti-Aging methods.

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Kathy has mentored and worked with several top people:

  • Bill Gothard-Family Ministries
  • Dani Johnson-National Speaker and Motivator
  • Kay Arthur-Precept Ministries
  • Dr. Kellis-Nutritionist
  • Dr. Crapo-Herbologist-Nutritionist
  • Crystal Star Herbs-Nutritionist-Author-Speaker
  • John Maxwell-Motivational Trainer


Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy РB.A. in Management and Communication.

Certifications, Additional Training & Awards

Dancing in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop. Drama-Acting Classes.
Training in ADHD, 35 years exp.
Nutritionist Specialty: Nutrition verses Prescription drugs.

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