Telephone or Skype Coaching

Working with a coach via telephone or skype is a convenient, confidential approach. Coaching sessions are generally  45 mins in length, and the number of sessions we have per month depends on your needs. All phone charges are included in your coaching fee, wherever you live in the world. This is also supplemented by email coaching, as well as short catch-up calls when required (no charge).

The phone coaching structure is much more directed by your needs, and we use emails to send coaching forms back and forth. You can take on as much ‘homework’ as you like during the week, as much of the learning and development happens between our sessions.
Our telephone coaching program works on a one, two, or three sessions per month basis, as this provides options and flexibility for you. We’ll work with you to three-month focus to change and improve yourself and your life, and then plan how many sessions are needed accordingly. For most people, two sessions a month is enough to keep them on track. We also have a 30-day trail pkg you can try out.

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Online scheduling

As you progress towards your goals you may find that you are ready to have less sessions per month, or have a session bi-monthly.

Monthly or yearly Fees for Telephone/Skype Coaching:

in person/Phone/Skype 3 Monthly Sessions

United States   Price: call for pkgs


 Minimum try a 30 day trial
Australia price on request AUD
New Zealand price on request NZD
Canada price on request CAD

Pay for Coaching

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