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In Confidence Coaching private groups & individual coaching, we find ways to create your own personal journey of hope and become confident in all areas of life.   You come away with a vision and tools for hope and confidence to fulfill your dreams because your dreams are important!!

How did Kathy experience her dreams fulfilled?

Kathy is living her dreams now and will help you!! Applying my journey of over 25 years in the arts, recovery, therapy, and coaching brings a fresh new perspective for inspiration to help you find healing, joy, and restoration. When you find hope and confidence, clarity, and vision you can launch into your new life purpose.

My struggles brought new life purpose

I have Struggled with lack of hope and despair in my life. I have experienced frustration, hopelessness, and sadness. As an adult child of alcoholics and dysfunction, I have recovered into a life of healing, love, and joy and I know the path! I have learned there is no shame for anything that has happened to you. Coaching confidentiality is secure. Here is something to think about.

What question to ask yourself as you are helping others is important because it will guide you:

Am I doing something for someone that they could do for themselves?

If you find it impossible to be good to yourself, then you probably learned long ago you didn’t deserve to be treated well. So, you more than likely are doing everything for everyone leaving yourself out. Then you become angry and resentful.

You can take the co-dependency test here.

Why testing matters…

If you repeatedly fall into dependent, toxic or frustrating relationships, this may be proof that you learned to get validity only in your relationships with other people. Utilizing the testing, you can see where you need to improve.

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What will I feel and gain?

You will come away feeling:  Renewed, Energized, Empowered, Courageous.

You will leave with your next 3 steps to manifest feelings of hope, confidence, and inspiration.  

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Degrees in Communication and Business. Master’s Degree in psychology. Here is the link to more about Kathy’s credentials

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What Coaching Online & Offline coaching will look like?

Here is how it works: Coaching men/women

  • In groups or individually with recorded sessions to relisten to privately! You can learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

  • Develops empowerment for the transition into restoring & rebuilding your life after setbacks.

  • Increases hope to create success for a better future.

  • Helps YOU become confident and successful during or after setbacks

    and life struggles.

I have fought for freedom from negative thinking and feelings and have been healthy and free helping others gain success for 25 years.

How this is Accomplished 

The ‚ÄúConfidence in Relationships‚ÄĚ coaching program offers:

  • Action guides and resources to help you practice powerful strategies
  • Complete weekly coaching online with recorded sessions for re-listening
  • Boundary, self-care, goal setting, and vision planning exercises
  • Inner work for new personal growth to shift you into a successful mindset
  • Focused inspirational motivation and affirmations

How to get going>>>3 simple steps

1. Have a session and address what you are struggling with right NOW!! 

2. On the call, we create custom strategies to address your RIGHT NOW SOLUTIONS

3. Execute the strategies we create to see immediate results!!
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  • This E-book is¬†the¬†first¬†step¬†to¬†get free from toxic thinking¬†to change your perspective. This book will give you 4 easy steps to help you change your thinking and see things as they truly are.
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