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Hi I’m Kathy, CEO & founder of Kathy’s Personal Development & Business Growth Strategist Coaching

So, you ask, who is Kathy? What have I seen and done in this big world?     How can I help you?

I bring a wide range of professional and life experiences as a psychotherapist, coach and confidence, and business expert.

Kathy’s Story:

Some of the things I had to endure as a child.
  • Penalized for things I did that were beyond my control
  • I wasn’t taken seriously because I was a girl
  • Not appreciated for what I was and my value recognized
  • Had to envy the dream-like relationships some of our friends had with their parents, seeing the trusting look in their eyes with their loving fathers
  • Watched friends mothers praising their school projects, I would only dream that our situation could be like theirs.

I pretended, fantasized, lied, and built elaborate stories to help me feel significant. But deep down inside I new it wasn’t so. I have learned now to no longer look for affirmations from those who are emotionally disabled and could not give them. Now I simply pray to forgive those who poured their negative input into my unsuspecting mind that produced a distorted mirror image of who I saw.

Then as I grew older heartache and disappointment came to me after losing emotional connection with my partner along with the financial support I counted on all my life. That setback broke my heart. My husband’s incurred disabilities were shocking and brought much grief. It was devastating because I came from a background where I could not depend on anybody. My parents were mentally ill and as a result, I was beaten, abandoned, and criticized. This tragedy of losing financial support was not expected.

Feeling helpless…

I remember one day after it all began, my son at the age of 12 came to me crying and saying “mom, I really need my dad”, I felt helpless because I couldn’t give him what he needed. While my son was confused and dealing with his own mental issues, he took over his dad’s job and started helping in the business at 14.  I felt lost due to this tragedy. The relationship stability and finances I had depended on were suddenly gone.

My Insecurities…..

Because of what I experienced growing up, I would attach myself to people, problems, and my environment to give myself an identity. I could not break free enough to know who I was or to explore career possibilities. Feelings of accomplishment and having a purpose seemed out of my reach.

With the guidance of my first coach I decided. “I would do whatever it took to get my life on track fulfilling what I dreamt of as a child and be able to support myself financially”. I had been utilizing my own personal growth methods since I was 16. Before this tragedy, I ran several businesses at once for 15 years. I homeschooled my now-grown children for 8 years. Now I found myself needing a new direction for my life. I decided the only way forward was to get a formal education myself. I was able to make this decision with the help of a coach and it changed my life forever.

My Scary Journey

I found a courageous lion inside myself that I never knew was there. But with accountability and my coach’s help, I found it. My coaches pushed me to completely jump out of my comfort zone. I went to college and got a master’s degree in psychotherapy. This was a big step and took lots of courage for me. I had to commute to a large dangerous city to go to a university.

When your healing and growth bring you to a place of wholeness, you believe you deserve positive things to come to you and then you attract them.

 I continued in my own mental health therapy while having a coach. As I did the personal growth, I began to achieve what I always wanted. I began to feel accepted and secure in who I was as a person.  I graduated with my Master’s in marriage and family therapy, and I spent 7 years seeing patience as a psychotherapist. I did film acting and dance for 15 years to keep it fun. These workshops added to my toolbox while helping my patients.

I felt so empowered, and I thought I had finally found what I wanted until…………

I came home after seeing 8 patience in one day as a psychotherapist and commuting 1 hour each way. I felt my head spinning and all I could do was lay on my bed and close my eyes.

I didn’t realize what this was. No one had told me about burnout. I continued to see patients not realizing it was lowering my immune system. I ended up with an autoimmune disease.

What I didn’t realize, was because of growing up in a dysfunctional home I had not learned to set the boundaries necessary in my field to avoid burnout. I was so busy taking care of my patience and my job that I never stopped to look at who I was or the self-care that I needed to incorporate into my life to avoid burning out.

To … That was a turning point for me……

I thought to myself, “I love what I do, I am helping others, I feel empowered in this career, but something is not working, so how can I change the dynamics of this? I began to study and research the possibility of creating my own coaching business and then taking my psychotherapy in a different direction.

While exploring coaching I discovered I did not need any certifications or did I need to have an office. I could travel anywhere in the world and coach from home. I could coach several people at one time and make more money and the stress level was lower.

I also could be as creative as I wanted to, and there were no regulation boards to deal with. I decided to move forward and try it out. It worked so well that I wanted to help others who have experienced burnout to be able to transition their own business into the same business model.

…And Kathy’s

Personal Development & Business Growth Strategist Coaching was born.

I have created a very lucrative virtual coaching business generating more income with less work than I did as a therapist. My autoimmune disease is gone, and I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients creatively while I enjoy more freedom in my coaching.

I founded this company with “you” in mind. With 15 years in coaching and psychotherapy, I have learned how to create an environment that feels loving and accepting. I believe in divine intervention. You are here for a reason.

As your coach, I create an experience of love, acceptance, and empathy while helping you relieve anxiety and shift your perspective to gain confidence, hope, and empowerment. It’s not an accident you arrived here when you did.  It is possible to live an extraordinary life.

Start now to take control of your hopes, and dreams for a new life.

Applying my journey of over 15 years in the arts, relationship recovery, therapy counseling, and confidence coaching will give hope and restoration and a fresh new perspective. You will learn how to transform your current way of helping others into a new unique business model.  Finding more creative ways to guide your clients will launch you into a whole new process to generate more income with less stress.

In my journey, I discovered unique ways to meet the needs of those struggling and create a fun environment at the same time.

Then I began to realize I had brother and sister psychotherapist colleagues, coaches, and counselors out there who need my help. So, I created a course to help therapists, counselors or “up and coming coaches” to restore their passion and convert or start a business into a six-figure virtual coaching business so they can stop feeling burned out and have more time for the important things in life.

I’ve written “From Burnout to Restoring your Soul and Setting Clear Boundaries” and some smaller books on self-care and toxic thinking.

This book is a short read with a powerful punch. Kathy’s story of abuse caused anger as an adult plus education on how to manage depression using boundaries and more……To read about the full book go here..https://kathydigiacomo.com/getthebook/

Over the course of 5 years, I’ve helped men and women recover from anxiety and disillusionment, and gain the confidence to build an online coaching business.

You can make the change that is necessary for the day we live in and gain the freedom to travel and be the help that is so needed online and virtually. You will experience, greater well-being, professional success, and satisfaction with an exciting new life.

The truth about how you can help others in a new way is waiting for your discovery and I can help you rediscover how to gain confidence that will create a satisfying online virtual coaching program.

You can feel:  prosperous, peaceful, and joyful. Learn a fun new approach to consulting with your clients.  Gain new hope for a better future!  You can have a wake-up moment that will change your life forever

I have created a program just for you called:

“Limitless Freedom Accelerator Program”…  Where you can take your therapy practice online, reach more clients, and work fewer “office hours”.

If you would like a free 30 minutes  “Relieve Anxiety Now” Breakthrough Coaching Session” or any current issue you are dealing with now.  HERE

During the “Relieve Anxiety Now” Breakthrough Coaching Session” session, you will:

  1. Clarify your vision for setting a new goal to believe for.
  2. Create milestone objectives for love and confidence.
  3. Develop a three-stage action plan.
  4. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your confidence.
  5. Leave the session with a renewed energy, motivation, and results to move forward.  

        Don’t wait! Let’s talk!  3 easy steps; How to get going:

Let’s address what you are struggling with right NOW

On the call, we create custom strategies to address your personalized SOLUTIONS

Execute the strategies we create and see immediate results!!  Simple!

More to my story in my book  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Would you like to see growth and change in your life? I can help you grow beyond what you think your potential is.

 Don’t let another sunset on this day without taking action to change your life. This could be you on the beach coaching your clients to accomplish a changed life.

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