Introducing my signature program –

“ Limitless Freedom Mastermind Accelerator group ” 

A 12-month Limitless Freedom Mastermind Accelerator group

This program is for anyone who feels frustrated, burnout, and worried about their future. You will attain a new way to refresh your mind and body, restore constant worry, and paralyzing anxiety

You will discover the freedom you will gain through refreshment and restoration strategies.  Then with newfound strength and courage, you will gain the courage and confidence needed to fast-track your goals and financial independence.

On the first Monday, we will address any personal development help/guidance issues
On the 2nd Monday, we will focus on business tools
There will be hot seat coaching and training

Here are samples of what others have experienced:

I’d heard a few friends talk about virtual coaching and how lucrative it can be. When I tried it for myself, I was looking for a way to create significant income and a sense of accountability. Coaching with Kathy gave me that plus a whole lot more. I gained confidence and courage and some powerful strategies for healing burnout and new coaching techniques. I found coaching enabled me to focus on my goals as a virtual coach. I also realized how burned out I was feeling in my life. I’ve learned and accomplished what was needed to move into my new coaching career. After each session, I always feel very motivated and on track in my life and my work.   JoshFounder of NYC TalkNew York, NY

During this program, we will work through a 3-step system:


  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Self-care and Guided imagery
  • Inner bully and child work


  • Setting Boundaries in business and life
  • Art expression-Grieving to heal
  • How you speak to yourself to create courage
  • Shift negative beliefs and life patterns that have kept you stuck.
  • “Tournament of desires” for your niche and coaching


  • Focus your vision-upgrade Your Skills Template Guides to help you track your progress
  • Extraordinary marketing tips on Facebook and other valuable places to get clients flocking to you
  • 7 daily habits to win in life and create prosperity
  • Coaching Daily Planner “Turn Resolutions into Reality with the Plan” 
  • How to research and find your ideal client for business

Refresh, restore, and rebuild, get marketing strategies, know your ideal client, and have customers coming to you for help.

Schedule a FREE 30 minutes“Rapid Results Coaching” Breakthrough Session” or any current issue you are dealing with now. HERE

I believe in you and I am rooting for you, I am standing by and can’t wait to support you.

You will leave this program feeling the freedom that coaching brings and get real results

Here is what’s included:

  • 12 monthly Professional coaching that will help you relieve frustration and advance in the direction of hope, healing, and seeing the dreams you have envisioned for your life. (Valued: $8,000)
  • Weekly inspirational coaching newsletter
  • Workbooks, handouts & resources Value: $1,500 include:
  • *Coaching Template Guides to help you track your progress, discover ideas, find resources, and work through the marketing tools. Value: $500
  • “Coaching Daily Planner” will give you a simple way to stay on track with your mission and goals and reduce or eliminate the daily distractions. Value $100
  • “Tournament of desires”  will help you figure out what you REALLY desire your life to look like. (notice I don’t use the word “want” which means extreme lack) Value $100
  • “What’s that in your Hand?” will help you discover ideas, resources, and JV partners that will help you advance in the direction of your business efforts. Value $100
  • 2 downloadable E-Books & 1 guide

  • The first E-Book “Boundaries to freedom” will help you stop feeling guilty and saying “yes” to everyone.
  • The second E-Book “The 4 Keys That relieves anxiety now! Recognizing the negative thoughts that are making you unhappy and stealing your joy
  • The third guide “50 tips to self-love” is about Loving you with Self Care. You can create a love for yourself if you have this booklet.
  • Email Support 

  • Private Facebook coaching and progress group
  • FREE access to the intense online group class “How to name your discovery call to sell your package”
    A course where we work together in a community to learn how to name your packages and your free call sessions to get clients running to your discovery calls.  Value $500.

Total Program Value: $10,800

Testimonials for the group

One individual came to the group while living with a verbally abusive, toxic alcoholic husband. By the end of 12 weeks in our group, she was able to live independently by working through her denial and realization of what she had been allowing. She bought a home and helped her mother get home as well.

Through Kathy’s coaching, I was able to identify where I needed to set healthy boundaries and to stand firm on what the truth is. She gave me the tools to use every day, as I move closer to walking in Freedom. I would highly recommend her coaching. Rick Payne

More testimonies

Kathy’s coaching is motivating. I started following, reading, and connecting because she discussed exactly how as a woman I am feeling. Kathy’s influence walked me out of feelings of rejection and depression, making sense of where I am and why I could not move on. The supports and connections were exactly what I needed in this time in my life when one feels unappreciated and secretly alone faking that smile from day today. This has been helpful when I heard others say “I’m stuck in that black hole”. Kathy’s perfect scenarios gave me encouragement, self-reflection, inner connections of feelings I knew I had but did not know where to turn which allowed me to feel I was not alone…exactly what I needed, and spiritually based. Reading posts and story’s caused me to feel alive, worthwhile and step by step helped me allow myself to see me in a different image. I’m sharing with everyone I know. Powerful. Thank you, Kathy! Maria Montoya Truillo

Highly recommended

Kathy was so intuitive about what my needs were. She made me realize that my feelings are legitimate and she truly gets me. Kathy helped me to move in a healthier direction personally and emotionally. I highly recommend her. I am now thriving in a virtual coaching business and loving it. I’m so glad I found her. Carol, Twain Harte Cal.

Linda came to me burned out and depressed, physically sick, and felt hopeless in her situation. She was a lifetime learner. We met for confidence coaching in our group for 6 months. With the work we did she transitioned from feelings of worthlessness, insignificance, feeling unloved, and depression to fulfillment, joy, and confidence in who she was. We worked on her recovery from negative beliefs by changing how she thought about herself and her situation. Today she is divorced from the man who abused her. She is free of illness and pain and loves the relationship she has with herself. Linda is thriving in her coaching business. In her mind, the sun is now shining on her life while she enjoys the freedom to make positive daily choices & continue in financial freedom-loving what she does.

Emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental testimony

I am writing this to share with you a few of the wonderful benefits I have retools, boundaries, codependencyceived from my opportunities to learn from and be coached by Kathy Di Giacomo.  I have been struggling with issues of burnout, anxiety, and depression for a while now, especially since losing my father and caring for my mom.  I cannot tell you how grateful I was to find that Kathy cares about her clients spiritually, and I have found her to be a great support for me to overcome my problems. Kathy has been so thorough in her understanding of my needs in all areas of life, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.  She has used tools to help me learn how to help myself through reading, the internet, journaling, and being accountable to someone. Kathy listens carefully to what I need is each time I see her so she can help me where I’m at. Kathy has so much to offer in programs for clients and knowledge for the whole person.  I am so looking forward to gaining more as time goes on. Thank you, Gail Sutter Creek Ca.

Your Investment: $1997 for the year or Payment Plan: $199/month(regular payment plan)

Pay-in-full $1997 Bonus 1-Hour Breakthrough Session (Virtual or in-person)

Kathy’s Story:

My heartache and disappointment came from losing my husband mentally and his physical ability to support us financially. I always had him on a pedestal because he was a hard worker and took care of us. When he dropped 18′ from a roof, my hero fell off the pedestal I had him on. That disappointment broke my heart. He was the man who was going to take care of our family for the rest of my life. He had provided for us for 25 years already. His incurred disabilities were shocking and brought much grief. It was devastating for me because I came from a background where I could not depend on anybody. My parents were mentally ill and as a result, I was beaten, abandoned and criticized.

Feeling helpless….

So, when I met my husband, I depended on him as we created a family which included 3 children. Our children began to struggle because he became impaired, everyone had their own issues.  Because of my insecurities and my husband’s mental and physical disabilities, we separated emotionally but stayed together. I remember one day before it all began, my son at the age of 12 came to me crying and saying “mom, I really need my dad”, I felt helpless because I couldn’t give him what he needed, and at the time neither could his dad. In his confusion and unmet needs, he had to take over his dad’s job and start work at 14. As a result, there were a lot of behavioral problems with my son, with drugs and alcohol.  My daughters felt lost as young adults, moving out moving in, with no individual stability. Watching them trying to find themselves in the middle of this disaster became stressful.  I couldn’t help them either because I didn’t know what I was going to do. I felt lost in myself due to this tragedy. I counted and depended on my husband to continue to take care of us financially and now he could not. I didn’t have a father who took care of me or thought of me, but prior to this tragedy my husband did that for me.

My insecurities…..

All my life, I would attach myself to people, problems and my environment to give me an identity. I could not break free enough to know who I was or to explore career possibilities. Feelings of accomplishment and having a purpose were all out of my reach. I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I never stopped to look at who I was or what I needed in life.

I had lived over half of my life thinking I wouldn’t struggle to be with my husband and here was this crisis in my face. I felt defeated and in shock. In my shock and disappointment. With the guidance of my first coach I decided. “I would do whatever it took to get my life back and be able to support myself financially”. I had been utilizing my own personal growth methods since I was 16. Now I needed a new direction for my life. I had homeschooled my children for 8 years. I decided the only way forward was to get a formal education myself. That decision that I made with the help of a coach changed my life forever.

My scary journey

I went to college and got into psychotherapy and continued getting coaching. Just as I began to regroup and feel a little better my dad passed away, my dad was my abuser and the person I looked up to. I felt trapped in grief and mixed emotions. I became antisocial due to the shame that arose from how I felt. I quit college and couldn’t function. Even though I stopped everything because of the grief and disappointment I experienced, working towards getting the life I wanted was still a priority. I remember the day I told someone I trusted, that I was suicidal, and a sheriff showed up at my door to do a suicide check. That felt very scary, but I was naive.


I continued in my mental therapy and getting coached. As I did the personal growth, I began to achieve what I always wanted. I began to feel accepted and secure in who I was as a person. When your healing and growth brings you to a place of wholeness, you believe you deserve positive things to come to you, then you attract them. I became a therapist and burned out in 5 years. Why? Because there was a better plan for me to become a virtual coach and make triple what I made as a therapist. Now after years of helping I am here to help you find the best part of yourself to do the same.

I am free from the guilt and shame that come along with the lack of self-confidence that is created from abuse.

Ready to feel freedom and while you create a fulfilling business and get financially free?


If you would like a free 45 minutes “Manage Anxiety Now ” Breakthrough Coaching Session”
or any current issue you are dealing with now.  

During the “Manage Anxiety Now” coaching session, you will:

  • Get a crystal-clear vision for coming back from burnout.
  • Create milestone objectives for consistent relief.
  • Develop a three-stage action plan for fulfilling your vision.
  • Uncover hidden challenges sabotaging you.
  • Leave the session renewed, energized, and inspired to live free. 

 Don’t wait!! Let’s talk!!  3 easy steps;  You don’t struggle with the above?

  •   Then let’s address what you are struggling with NOW!   Implement the methods we create and see immediate results!!  Simple!
  •   On the call, we will create customized approaches for you to address your personalized SOLUTIONS for your struggle.

Kathy’s Confident Relationships Coaching was founded with you in mind. I believe in divine intervention. You are here for a reason. My mission is to help as many men and women as I can to discover who they are and accomplish great things. It’s not an accident you arrived here when you did.

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