Read and learn through these quotes and you may not look at life the same way ever again!!


  • You are not average…take off the labels people put on you, they are not the truth!
  • You are valuable and a masterpiece, one of a kind! Experts can be wrong.
  • No more mediocrity thinking – you are what you answer to not what people call you.
  • You are a person of influence, favor and greatness!


  • People are not the problem it is how we respond to the problem.
  • What we see depend on what we look for.
  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • True success is a piece of mind in knowing you have done all you can possibly do.
  • Get over the person who mistreated you.
  • Don’t condemn myself; you won’t get better if you have chip on your shoulder.
  • If you feel the whole world stinks look inside.
  • Take control of your own happiness.

Do you ever feel like all that happens is your fault? Or that you are doing something wrong and not getting the breaks you should? Do others make you feel It’s your fault? Do they blame you for things that go wrong?

YOU CAN HAVE SHIFT IN YOUR LIFE…REALLY!! Here are 7 ways you can shift your life into another level Stand up, speak out these 7 statements and experience the shift.

  1. I will prosper forward with my dreams and desires!
  2. I am coming into a shift in my life and doors will open for me!
  3. I won’t worry about people who try to hold me back!
  4. People will go out of their way to be good to me!
  5. My life will be rewarding and happy!
  6. Favor will shift beyond my training and education!
  7. I will have restoration in relationships and healing in my body!

10 More ways to shift your life from negative to positive

  1. I have expectations of explosive blessings
  2. You get what you are believing for even if it is negative
  3. Don’t let fear dominate your life
  4. Fear can create a barrier of wrong thinking
  5. Fear presents itself bigger that it is
  6. F>E>A>R> False evidence appearing real
  7. You have a great future planned for you
  8. Barely getting by is a thing of the past
  9. Just because a problem forms it does not have to prosper
  10. Listen to music that makes you feel like yourself

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