We are continually striving to create the best life and Art counseling services available. Here are some of the things we always strive to provide for you:

Solution Focus – All of our coaching is specific to suit your needs and wants. We always focus on getting you results as quickly and effectively as possible. We coach you on how to get the most from yourself, and provide you with ideas and strategies that gain results. You won’t find a cookie-cutter or “Magic 7 step formula” approach here…

Comfortable environment -The majority of our clients choose to coach with us via telephone or Skype, which offers convenience and confidentiality. If you do choose to coach in person, your session is always held in a casual environment, such as a coffee shop or lounge area. You can even choose to have coaching in your home or office, wherever you feel most comfortable and relaxed.

You do the talking – We will let you ‘talk it out’ and release your challenges, fears and frustrations. We are not there to ‘talk at’ you or try to overwhelm you. It’s important that you feel refreshed and ready to face the world again after each session with us.

Education – We aim to bring you the latest technology available to create fast changes. When you want to work on a specific challenge or goal, we’ll focus your whole session around it. Our personal development tools, strategies and solutions work!

Fun & Laughter – We always make the time we spend with you a fun experience. A coach is not there to control you, but rather to encourage you, help you see things a little clearer, and help you create the action plans to get you moving!

If you are ready to experience coaching for yourself, then take the next step by requesting a sample session with us.

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