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  • Do you feel burnout and hopelessness about their future?
  • Has long hours of serving kept you exhausted? 
  • What is burnout and how to change it?
  • Do you wish you could make different choices for your work? 
  • Are you ready for a supportive and loving environment?      
  • Join our online burnout for therapists class support and learning group.                                                                                                                                                                                         Be a lioness of courage today!!

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Seeing changes in individuals lives as they apply the principles 

Many individuals like you have felt alone, helpless, and lost but they discovered that what they felt was not the truth. You can discover the truth. The truth about “who” you are is inside you and I can help you birth the courage and confidence needed to create a satisfying life.

One individual did: She came to the group while living with a verbally abusive, toxic alcoholic husband. By the end of 12 weeks in our group, she was able to live independently by working through her denial and realization of what she had been allowing – she bought a home and helped her mother get home as well.  

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The “Empower Yourself” Laser Coaching program offers:

  • Complete 24/7 “call me now” coaching online with recorded sessions for your re-listening

  • Action guides and resources to help you practice powerful strategies

  • Boundary work, self-care, negative self-beliefs

  • Inner work for new personal growth to shift you into a success mindset

  • Goal setting and get it done vision planning exercises

  • Training on setting and fulfilling goals for the year & much more…

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