Cultivate Your Childs Creativity & Improve better self-awareness, self-esteem, relief from stress or anxiety, and learning disorders.

Creating art increases cognitive skills, stimulates the senses, and brings a new release of life and energy. Art Expression for children can provide them with an easier way to express themselves since children are more naturally artistic and creative. Art Expression is a viable solution for communication rather than simply having a conversation and talking about things. As a result, the child feels relief from symptoms.

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  The creative process of Art Expression works towards lifting the morale of the person.

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2023 SUMMER ART CAMPS AGES 8-12:  June 16th sat, 20th wed-2:30pm–4pm; 23rd sat:2:30-4pm (limit 5 per class session)  Also July 11th, 14th & 21st dates

$85 per camp (Register by June 1st) limit 6 children to a camp so it will sell out

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 SPACE IS LIMITED SO CALL NOW! 209-536-4296 (Ask about age 12-15 dance expression groups)

How we use art expression with your children:             Click here to see ongoing dates for classes 

The introduction of a wide variety of art materials – clay, paints, pastels, markers, charcoal and sparkles – gives an atmosphere of freedom where children feel free to express with colors especially those emotions which they otherwise don’t say in words. The trained art teacher can help the child and give them direction.

Kathy Di Giacomo is a Life Coach with 35 years of experience and a Master’s degree in psychology. She equips adults and children to gain more confidence and higher self-esteem and reach their  God-given potential using Art expression, Photo-Art,  Dance and more.


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