Kathy works with success-minded, intelligent, and motivated men or women that have faced setbacks due to trauma, codependency or toxic relationships and desire to rebuild their lives and gain new confidence, with clarity and vision. Does this description fit you or anyone you know??

Kathy’s Experience and Credentials

Kathy is an AMFT Therapist & Confidence and Success Coach and has 30 years of experience in counseling and nutrition and 35 years of experience in coaching and research. B.A. Degree in Communication and Business.

A Master’s Degree in psychology and 10 years‚Äô experience in dance, 5 years of acting under the influence of Frances Ford Copella & art expression. Kathy has been mentored and coached in nutrition and coaching. The leaders that coached her are from many walks of life ranging from coaches, CEO’s, to founders of large corporations.

Some of the Top Gurus that have trained, and motivated Kathy in nutrition and research are Kay Arthur, Dr. Kellis, Dr. Crapo, Crystal Star Herbs. In life coaching John Maxwell, Rob Goyette, Brenda Byers, Debbie Hoffman, Christian Mickelsen and more.

Kathy has 35 years‚Äô of personal and client results in Natural Health, Trainor ‚Äď Motivator, and remarkable results in helping those in need of mental, physical, spiritual & codependence recovery counseling. Kathy is a dynamic motivational personal growth and business success coach who uses transformational tools and resources to guide you to a new vision and life changes for successful living. She is also an accomplished auther, writer, speaker, and visionary entrepreneur.

She has pioneered, managed, created and trained her own cutting-edge coaching programs such as anti-aging health workshops, online events, and webinars. Her unique and practical approach has a proven track record of getting powerful breakthroughs and long-term results.

You can schedule a free 45-minute ‚ÄúHow to reverse damaging thoughts causing auto-immune disease‚ÄĚ Breakthrough Strategy Session ‚Äúor any current issue you are dealing with now. Schedule FREE¬†

 You will come away feeling: 

  • Renewed
  • Energized
  • Empowered
  • Courageous

We can work together¬†to get laser-focused on your specific area in your body/life to bring restorative relief to your mind and body. I use many unique strategies, motivation, monitoring your thinking, shifting paradigms, boundaries, self-love, and more‚ĶLet’s meet to change your life from mediocrity and lack of vision to a confident exciting, new future

To learn more go to my FB business page https://www.facebook.com/transform4lovecoach 

The Programs Available 

Kathy holds Online “Break the Bond of Codependency & Learn to Love the True You” classes and 1 on 1 confidence and success coaching for new hope & personal transformation empowering individuals to succeed in every area of life with boldness and confidence. To help individuals realize they have all they need inside of them to prosper. To empower them to make space for what they are believing and expecting for in their future.

She holds online support groups and seminars on self-bullying, codependency & boundaries in relationships, and mastermind workshops for art-emotion creativity and healing. The groups run 6 weeks and are done from the comfort of your home and recorded for re-listening. The one on one coaching is done from your home or anywhere online and recorded.

She holds offline workshops for adults and children. Teaches seminars and groups offline in art, drama & dance expression, & teen-adult bullying, codependency & boundaries in relationships.

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The 24/7 LASER CONFIDENCE COACHING PROGRAM offers 24/7 scheduled coaching online with recorded sessions for re-listening, action guides, and resources to help you practice powerful strategies to create a success mindset. We meet by phone for 15 minutes (30 minutes for our first call), confirm your goal, identify the steps that will get you there, agree on homework to do before your next call, and then I send you a recording of our call, confirmation of your homework, and a link to sign up for your next session. You can schedule your next session that same day! The first 30-minute zoom call after you sign up is free with a money back guarantee if we find it is not a good fit.

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My coaching clients increase their sense of wholeness and healing while learning to live a new life they love.

Here is the link to testimonials of how clients achieved results

What will these programs do for me?

Kathy’s programs offer stability and achievement for success in achieving your personal goals and new accomplishments for you to have a better life. The programs are complete with weekly coaching action guides and resources that use powerful strategies for creating a success mindset, honing your professional and personal skills as well as creating a custom action plan for both personal healing and professional breakthroughs for your goals and dreams.

  • In confidence coaching,¬†we find ways to create your own personal journey of hope, living a confident life, with a vision to fulfill your dreams. Applying my journey of over 15 years in the arts, recovery, therapy, and coaching brings a fresh new perspective for inspiration to help you find healing, joy and restoration. Finding hope for confidence, clarity, and vision will launch you into advancing to your own life purpose and fulfilled dreams.
  • Working together and guiding you to a new journey designed for transformed thinking will magnify possibilities you only dreamed were possible. Magnifying possibilities will help you realize more joy and promote new life changes.
  • The ‚ÄúConfidence for Codependents‚ÄĚ coaching program offers:
    • Complete weekly coaching online with recorded sessions for re-listening
    • Action guides and resources to help you practice powerful strategies
    • Boundary, self-care, goal setting, and vision planning exercises
    • Inner work for new personal growth to shift you into a success mindset
    • Focused inspirational motivation-affirmations

If you are interested or know of anyone who would like to benefit from my coaching group or one on one Confidence Coaching, please go here for my 6-week coaching group on or offline or schedule below for your free coaching.

Until then, read my book for ways to shift your thinking, reverse your negative thoughts, to change your immune system. Get the book here

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