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Hi there, with these coaching clients I  created coaching projects that focused on problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

A testimony from my client Luke  
In the beginning before we had started working I was in a very tough spot mentally in my life. I was in a relationship where it felt as if I had no strength in myself and was constantly left wanting to people please. I didn’t know how to handle my own anger or direct it in a different way that wasn’t towards my partner. 
Together, Kathy and I have worked continuously week by week on how I can better myself by learning to not give into the mental battle of worrying constantly about whether or not someone would be upset with me by my actions. Kathy has taught me how to put myself, my needs and my emotions first.
In the past I would let others’ emotions reflect onto my own and if my partner wasn’t in a good mood, that would directly reflect how I was feeling and I become anxious in wanting to fix that. I didn’t do this because of my care for the person this affected, but so I could relieve my own anxiety that I felt. Kathy has helped break me of that and stop the people pleasing and just worry about my own emotions while teaching me that I am the one in control. 
Today I am still visiting Kathy weekly, but every week we continue to work on the betterment of myself. I’ve gained the courage and the strength within myself to leave behind toxic relationships. I’m also learning everyday how to put myself and my needs first. 

Luke Sanchez

 Sonora Cal.

Finding a life coach or a counselor was something I had tried a couple times in my life, usually when I was a bit fed up with myself and vaguely aware that I had again gotten stuck in patterns that were not helpful or even holding me back. But I never felt that a visit had been productive and had no desire to return for a follow-up appointment.

When that vague awareness returned recently, I had reached out to a few coaches and was impressed by how quickly Kathy responded to my inquiry and how well she understood the challenges I was experiencing during our first 15-minute phone call.

Since that phone call, I have worked with Kathy for just over a year. She has provided a safe environment for the two of us to explore issues from the past and how those issues often inform many of my decisions and behaviors in the present day. She has recommended several great and helpful books and is always enthusiastic when I tell her about a book that she is unfamiliar with–she often helps me understand that book better, even though she has not read it herself. She knows many techniques and strategies for exploring the depths of one’s psyche and knows a ton about human nature and human imperfections intuitively. She is down to earth, warm, kind, but can also give me a nudge or push when I need it, or very gently call me out when I intellectualize something that I am supposed to feel in my bones.

It is difficult for me to describe exactly how Kathy has helped me, but it must be similar to finding a lantern when one has moved through life crawling and feeling at walls in the dark.

 Matthew 7/2023
I am new to therapy. I had a lot of misgivings, yet, a lot of things I felt I needed to get to the bottom of. After only several sessions with Kathy, I started having break throughs with some deep rooted and challenging issues I clearly needed to work through. Her guidance and validation has been so encouraging and needed.
My relationships are becoming healthier again as I work on myself and get healthier. It’s ongoing, so I’m by no means done or know the outcome, however, the shifts I’m experiencing feel right, I feel better. I have a measure of peace that I have longed for for most of my life. So! If only several sessions have this effect in such a positive way, I can only imagine the hard work and the, hopefully, rich dividends I’ll keep experiencing as I keep working towards a healthier more ‘whole’ me.
Because of this, I have recommended Kathy to my beloved family and friends who are also seeking assistance to becoming more emotionally healthy.

Thank you, Kathy ????7/2023

Recently, a friend has had some personal challenges in her marriage.  After listening I found myself offering tips and sharing information from my coaching sessions with Kathy.  From books, importance of having a healthy lifestyle, recognizing behaviors that children may notice and pickup, and the power of writing things down.  Knowledge sharing continues to help me and I truly believe it’s bringing awareness to my friend.
Thanks Kathy for your support!

Felicia, Turlock, Ca.

One little girl eight years old was having anxiety and behavior problems at school and at home. I applied my coaching with artistic expression and the feelings chart of faces with different expressions on the faces. I allowed her to cut out pictures in a magazine of facial expressions to match them up with the feelings we talk about. We worked on art projects. after 6 months her improvement with the anxiety was 65% gone and after a year she was very confident in herself and her behaviors had stopped and the anxiety was gone.

Kathy was so intuitive about what my needs were. She made me realize that my feelings are legitimate and she truly gets me. Kathy helped me to move in a healthier direction personally and emotionally. I highly recommend her. I’m so glad I found her.

Carol, Twain Harte Cal.

Sixteen months ago my husband of nearly 40 years ago walked out of my life. Honestly, I did not even see it coming and he refused to talk or meet with me for over 13 months. I did not know if he was sick, having a breakdown, or what. I was losing my job, my husband, socially isolated, my adult kids retreated, and I felt abandoned and alone. I started having anxiety attacks.
Then I met Kathy and started having sessions with her weekly to help me with finding my way out of the hole I felt I was in. She coached me weekly, became my cheerleader as I made progress, and gave me assignments to work on me. Without a healthy me, there was no focus. Over the past year, I’ve become someone I really like again. I’ve poured myself into my community and found that taking care of me had been neglected for a long time and was a missing part of who I needed to be. I can use logic instead of the emotion that got in my way of decisions. I feel I am the strongest I have ever been, I’m back in charge of all the skills I learned through her coaching.

Gina, Sonora Cal.

Linda came to me in an abusive marriage and was depressed, physically sick, and felt hopeless in her situation. She was a lifetime learner. We met for confidence coaching in our group for 6 months. With her work, she transitioned from feelings of worthlessness, insignificance, feeling unloved, and depression to fulfillment, joy, and confidence in who she was. We worked on her recovery from negative beliefs by changing how she thought about herself and her situation. Today she is divorced from the man who abused her.

She is free of illness and pain and loves the relationship she has with herself

In her mind, the sun is now shining on her life while she enjoys the freedom to make positive daily choices & continue in lifetime learning for her new life.

Linda, Plymouth Ca

I am writing this to share with you a few of the wonderful benefits I have received from my opportunities to learn from and be mentored by Kathy Di Giacomo.  I have been struggling with issues of diet, anxiety, and depression for a while now, especially since losing my father and caring for my mom.  I cannot tell you how grateful I was to find that Kathy cares about her clients spiritually, and I have found her that to be a great support for me to overcome my problems. 

Kathy has been so thorough in her understanding of my needs in all areas of life, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.  She has used tools to help me learn how to help myself through reading, the internet, journaling, and being accountable to someone.  Kathy listens carefully to what I need is each time I see her so she can help me where I’m at.  Kathy has so much to offer in programs for clients and knowledge for the whole person.  I am so looking forward to gaining more as time goes on.

Thank you, Gail   Sutter Creek Ca.

I’d heard a few friends talk about coaching and how it had helped them. When I tried it for myself, I was looking for a sounding board, and a sense of accountability. Coaching with Kathy gave me that plus a whole lot more.

I gained great new ideas and some powerful feedback in my sessions. I found the coaching really good for focusing on my goals. I also realized how many tolerations I was ‘putting up with’ in my life, and I’ve now started to remove them altogether.

After each session I always feel very motivated and on track in my life and my work.   JoshFounder of NYC TalkNew York, NY                                     Here’s the link if you already know you want this or need more info:

I approached life coaching with Kathys Confident Coaching with a goal in mind and that was to gain some direction and get past the sense of confusion and the negative feelings I was experiencing in my life.  Through the coaching I have found a clear path and some real goals to work towards.

In just over 2 months I have turned my life around. Goals that I set myself to achieve in 6 months are being secured in a matter of months.  I’m making huge leaps and bounds everyday with my personal and professional life.

Michelle SmithConcierge ClubSydney, Australia

Let me tell you, the experience with a life coach is incredible. My life is nothing as it was. I lived a life of sacrifice for so long and now I live a life of fun. My coach helped me see what it was I wanted and helped me to just go for it.

My life is forever changed and this is only the beginning. For the first time, I now see my potential within reach.

James McMichaelManitoba, Canada
Kathy Di Giacomo Coaching LLC