Welcome to my book on Boundaries to Freedom

This book is a short read with a powerful punch. Kathy’s story of abuse caused anger as an adult plus education on how to manage depression using boundaries and more….

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Have you felt angry and didn’t know why?

Have you ever finished talking to someone and felt angry, misunderstood, or disrespected? Or felt a little crazy from what they just said to you? In the book, you get a helpful list of healthy and non-healthy boundaries to print out to help manage anger and depression. This list gives you a quick reference to use when you are being bombarded by someone verbally abusing you. The list will show you how to know a healthy boundary from an unhealthy one.

Who we can become as a result of setting healthy boundaries

Learning to have healthy boundaries is an exciting adventure, an exercise in personal liberation. It means coming to know ourselves and increasing our awareness of what we stand for. It also means self-acceptance and knowing that we are OK as we are and worthy of the good things in life.

The first E-Book “Boundaries to Freedom” is a Memoir of Kathy’s journey and victory, and a guide on how to set boundaries in toxic relationships” will help you get your life back from always feeling quilted into saying “yes” to everyone. Healthy boundaries prevent you from giving advice, blaming, or accepting blame.  See below for my book on anxiety and depression.

Watch this video on how the book came about with “you” in mind>>

Get the full book Boundaries to Freedom  Buy Now – $12.97

There are several types of boundaries I talk about in the group

How to set healthy boundaries. You don’t have to feel out of control or tolerate drama and guilt. Discover new happiness in relationships.

  • Guide to Boundaries for life & toxic relationships.
  • Healthy boundaries prevent you from giving advice, blaming or accepting blame.
  • This E-BOOK gives you steps for empowerment to detach emotionally & truly live your life.  

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Be free from others’ emotions, ridicule, behaviors, and more…and become the person you were meant to be!
  • Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the E-BOOK where a helpful list of healthy and non-healthy boundaries are listed 

Here is a short excerpt from the book

Because I was abused as a child I was attracted to more abuse as a young adult. I had no personal boundaries. 

Anger and Abuse. This story shows that being around abuse can create anger, lack of confidence, and negative thinking. Anger, lack of confidence, and negative thinking can become a part of you. Negative thinking becomes a part of your brain. You fail to learn personal boundaries.

Searching for the missing piece of love continued with more chaos and fear around living with my dad. The ridicule and physical fights between my dad, sister, and stepmom kept me in hyper-vigilance mode for eight years. I never knew what was going to happen next. My stepmom was mean and cruel to my sister and me. Dad was loyal to her. Part of her cruelty was getting him riled up against us. She would yell “beat them Lale” and he would beat us. He would drink and get in rages. She would drink and run around the house naked and sleep with other men.


Kathy is a Personal Development & Business Growth Strategist coach for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, co-dependency, guilt, & disappointment, and relationship struggles. You can break free, create healthy boundaries, change your thinking, to regain confidence, empowerment, hope, and self-esteem in just one session. Read more about Kathy’s credentials

Learn from Kathy’s frightening story and instructions for how to implement healthy boundaries to break the chains of insecurities and fears that has taken her from disappointment and abuse to empowerment and freedom to be who she was always meant to be.

Get the full book Boundaries to Freedom   Buy Now –  $12.97

If you need help with anxiety and depression get my E-books

The second E-Book  “4 Keys to Relieve Anxiety & Stress For Emotional Freedom”:
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Recognizing the negative thoughts that are making you unhappy, stealing your joy & keeping you from controlling your feelings will be life-changing
These e-books can help you manage anxiety and depression, and learn how to put up boundaries to make you feel safe and happy.
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