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I coach those who feel lost, stuck, and don’t know what to do to move forward. They feel trapped by anxiety and lack of self-confidence, or something else that is holding them back from being successful. I help them reconnect with their authentic self and create a fulfilling life where they can finally pursue their dreams, be happy, and love their life.

At this point, you don’t know where to turn because the world you thought you had control of suddenly unravels, and sadness and depression set in. What is needed is recovery from how you thought about and loved yourself before you got addicted to enabling your partner to hope to feel loved. Recovery begins when you harness and change the negative hidden thoughts in your head about yourself and who you really are.
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Codependency & Emotional Wholeness

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Kathy is a personal and business strategist expert coach with a Master’s degree in Marriage and family therapy and 10 years of experience. Kathy has 30 years of experience in nutrition, expressive arts, well-being, techniques for mental health, teaching seminars on the mind and emotions for Adults and Children.



Dates: Meets   12 sessions per group online

Please call for more info: 209-536-4296

This group will use a book on codependency..Melody Beattie Codependent no more workbook


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Learn to manage depression and anxiety: Turn your life around and become emotionally whole in a warm and compassionate environment. Learn how to create a new life in your relationships with others and yourself!

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