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I am here to help. I coach entrepreneurs who feel lost, stuck, and don’t know how to get new clients. You might feel anxious or lack self-confidence, or something else that is holding you back from being successful. I help you reconnect with your unique self and create more revenue by moving your business online where you can finally pursue your business dreams, and make 6 figures by working less and earning more.

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Are you anxious…and worried about your future?

Do you have constant ruminating thoughts and paralyzing anxiety? You think “How could this happen to me?  Have you ever wanted to slap someone for saying “Don’t worry, “Think positively,” or fears start to set in about how long this will go on and how you can run a business with this handicap? You may be in a burnout state.

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You can turn burnout, anxiety, and worry around now with my free guides “From anxiety to freedom with boundaries” and “Stop Anxiety and Change Limiting Beliefs for Success” and this guide is a must-have. SELF LOVE: we need to love ourselves.

These downloadable workbooks and guides are a precursor to turning it all around and enjoying every day of your life.

GET ALL 3 GUIDES and my storybook below and learn:

  • The steps to identifying your negative thoughts are simple and easy to do.
  • Recognizing the negative thoughts that are making you unhappy, stealing your joy & keeping you from doing amazing things that you never thought possible.
  • You can create a love for yourself if you have a  PROVEN SYSTEM that exposes the negative hidden thoughts you have about yourself.
  • Exposing the negative hidden thoughts in your mind helps release regret, guilt, and shame
  • You will learn how to manage anxiety and depression.
  • You will get support in learning how to achieve wholesome and healthy relationships.
  • Get freedom from others’ emotions, ridicule, and behaviors, and become the confident person you were meant to be!

We also have group coaching

Group # 1 Get relief from disappointment, hopelessness, worry, or loss and create a new life of confidence with “Anxiety and Stress to Calmness and Bliss” Coaching group

Do you want inspirational tools for ways to manage anxiety and fear? Need to find peace and hope for the future? You can receive “live” coaching from me for whatever your needs are in this group. So if you need help join our group.


Group #2 I also have an exhilarating new program that can help you get faster results.

We’ll explore:
  • What’s keeping you from loving your business.
  • Why you feel stuck.
  • What transformations you can make to increase your revenue while working fewer hours
  • How to embrace and manage fears and doubts
  • How to master manifesting your vision
  • Gain confidence to raise your rates
  • Goal setting – Mindset
  • Stress – Depression – Anxiety
  • Business strategies
  • Your needs for the day in 30 minutes (hot-seat coaching)
You’ll get access to our guides below to learn and grow
  • Explore new ways to breathe life back into your business
  • Transform your business so you love it
  • Restore your life with time freedom
  • Have energy and time to dedicate to your personal life
  • Feel comradery with your peers
  • The peace process training
  • The mirror work instructions
  • Breathing technique lessons
  • Guided imagery class

“FAM” Freedom Accelerator Mastermind group. To learn more go here



#1 “4 Keys To Stop Anxiety & Change Limiting Beliefs for Success”……How to unlock your full potential for success and a life you love.   

This guide is a must-have. It helps you create a love for yourself with a  PROVEN SYSTEM that exposes the negative hidden thoughts you have about yourself. Exposing the negative hidden thoughts in your mind helps release regret, guilt, and shame,  manage anxiety and depression, and support learning to  Achieve wholesome and healthy relationships. This guide has a workbook inside.

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#2 Your guide has over 50 SELF CARE TIPS  to love yourself and more..
This guide is a must-have. SELF LOVE: we need to love ourselves. if we don’t get along with ourselves or love ourselves we won’t get along with or love other people. When we reject ourselves, it may seem to us that others reject us as well. Relationships are a vital part of our lives. how we feel about ourselves is a determining factor in our success in life and in our relationships. We need to be totally confident that our self-image is the inner picture we carry of ourselves. If what we see is not healthy or not true, we will suffer from fear and insecurity, and various misconceptions about ourselves

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The guide has over 50 ways to care for & love yourself and more..
          #3 The “From Anxiety to Freedom with Boundaries” Guide
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Healthy boundaries prevent you from giving advice, blaming, or accepting blame.

This Guide gives you steps for empowerment to detach emotionally & and become solid in your decision-making.

In this guide, you will learn how to get free from others’ emotions, ridicule, and behaviors, and become the person you were meant to be!

Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the “From Anxiety to Freedom with Boundaries” Guide where a helpful list of healthy and non-healthy boundaries is listed


Get my full book

Get a copy of my full book “Boundaries to Freedom” you can get it here. Overview of the book>>>

Growing up I didn’t know how to manage anxiety, take care of myself or love myself. As a result, I had a mean bully in my head that represented all the negative verbal abuse I received growing up.
I just allowed the mean bully in my head to continue to negatively impact my emotions and create anxiety and fear in my life. For years I did not know how to calm my anxiety until………..

I didn’t give up on myself.

A little story about my life. I grew up in a home that created major anxiety and fear due to the chaos that went on daily. Yes, it was an alcoholic home full of dysfunction. I left home at 16 to get away from it.  But It’s all I knew growing up and even when I left home anxiety came with me.

Even with all that going on in my childhood I had goals and dreams to become an entrepreneur and help others learn how to create a peaceful calm existence.

Find out how I navigated losing a loved one to addiction — not once, but twice, and growing up never feeling like I was good enough. Read the details in my book on Amazon Boundaries to Freedom: How to set healthy boundaries”.
Take a look now!  Author of “Boundaries to Freedom: How to set healthy boundaries”.

on Amazon   Check out my interview about my new book 

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In the book “How to Set Healthy Boundaries” you will gain the empowerment and the confidence you always wanted.

  • Learn how to filter and detach from the accusations, blame, and degrading comments that are verbally directed at you.
  • Shift negative responses from toxic relationships to hope of repair.
  • Create relationships that are welcoming and pleasurable.
  • Recover from sadness, depression, and hopelessness in your relationships.

In my book, you get a helpful list of healthy and non-healthy boundaries to print out. This list gives you a quick reference to use when you are being bombarded by someone verbally abusing you. The list will show you how to know a healthy boundary from an unhealthy one.

Learning to have healthy boundaries is an exciting adventure, an exercise in personal liberation. It means coming to know ourselves and increasing our awareness of what we stand for. It also means self-acceptance and knowing that we are OK as we are and worthy of the good things in life.

on sale    Get Your Copy Here


If you would like a free 30-minute “Reduce Anxiety Now” Breakthrough Strategy Session “or any current issue you are dealing with now.  Schedule FREE

During the “Reduce Anxiety Now” session, you will

  1. Clarify your vision for setting a new goal to believe.
  2. Create milestone objectives for managing anxiety and gaining confidence.
  3.  Develop a three-stage action plan.
  4. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your beliefs.

Leave the session with a renewed energy and motivation to believe in anything you want.

Don’t wait!! Let’s talk!!  3 easy steps; How to get going:

1.   Let’s address what you are struggling with right NOW

2.   On the call, we create custom strategies to address your personalized SOLUTIONS

3.   Execute the strategies we create and see immediate results!!  Simple!

I am here to help…..Schedule FREE

I pray you are loved and empowered in all things”

How Confidence Coaching Helps

  • Coaching men/women in groups or individually with recorded sessions to re-listen to privately!
  • You can learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere.
  • Coaching develops empowerment by restoring and rebuilding your life.
  • Coaching increases the hope to create success for a better future.
  • Coaching helps YOU become confident and successful.
  •   I have fought for freedom from negative thinking and feelings and have been healthy and free helping others gain success for 25 years.

The Process

Online & Offline coaching classes, groups, & one on one for both adults and children including art and dance expression.

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