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The 4 Keys to Relieve Anxiety & Stress For Emotional Freedom is a precursor to enjoying every day of your life. The steps to sifting through your thoughts are simple and easy to do.
Recognizing the negative thoughts that are making you unhappy, stealing your joy & keeping you from controlling your feelings will be life-changing. They are the foundation you need to eliminate the fear from the root.

You may feel the lack of:

  • Confidence-Hope
  • Desire-Self-love
  • Clarity-Motivation
  • Talents-Gifts (I call it your superpower)

If so then this class is for you. Not only will you learn how to gain these attributes but you will learn how they have scientifically proven these methods will change your life and fulfill dreams you may have had since childhood!!

Using the skills from this course will change your life!!

This course will introduce 4 key ways to grow your mind to help you move towards your goals,
dreams, and desires and not continuously sabotage your efforts with toxic thinking.
Our minds are very powerful. Our minds can be our friends or our enemy. We need to know we
have a choice about what we think about.

As a personal development coach, utilizing personal experience, over 30 years in the arts, therapy, recovery from codependency, and coaching I will help you find healing, hope, joy, and restoration, so you can move forward to goals & dreams for your life you may never have thought were possible for you before.

Through focused inspirational motivation, monitoring your thinking, shifting paradigms, and your life story can change

It is possible to change your life

Access from the comforts of home 

  • This is done with zoom life or phone group training and comes with handouts, experience, and truth from a top Psychotherapist in the field Kathy DiGiacomo.

If you want this training one on one with Kathy only it’s $97 for 4 weeks.  If you would like to go through the workbook on your own it is $47.00

You can P.M. me here or    Get your free 30-minute session to find out more

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Kathy Di Giacomo’s Coaching –
Personal Development & Business Growth Strategist with 35 years of experience & teaches Classes for Adults and Children, Art expression while giving women hope in transition and helping them rebuild their lives again. She has a Masters’ degree in psychology.
Here Is What People Are Saying>
“I’d heard a few friends talk about coaching and how it had helped them”.
“When I tried it for myself, I was looking for a sounding board and a sense of accountability”. 
“Coaching with Kathy gave me that plus a whole lot more”.
Eva Gregory: I would tell anyone considering working with you to “RUN, DO NOT WALK and listen to everything Kathy has to share with you.  Kathy is a genius at what she does.
Jeanna Gabellini: Kathy was THE best thing that ever happened to my life. THE BEST!
 Nancy Juetten: I’ve needed you for years, but didn’t know where to find you!!!
I gained great new ideas and some powerful feedback in my sessions. I found the coaching really good for focusing on my goals. I also realized how many tolerations I was ‘putting up with’ in my life, and I’ve now started to remove them altogether.
After each session, I always feel very motivated and on track in my life and my work.

The total investment for the one on one with Kathy Coaching through the course is $97 recorded for listening over and over

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