Unlimited Confidence Coaching with Kathy For a Full Year 

Learn Personal Boundaries, self-love, and how to change your life by changing your thinking


This program offers 24/7 scheduled coaching online with recorded sessions for re-listening, action guides and resources to help you practice powerful strategies to create a success mindset and hone your professional and personal skills.

We meet by phone for 15 minutes anytime (30 minutes for our first call)

We confirm your goal, identify the steps that will get you there, agree on homework to do before your next call, and then I send you a recording of our call, confirmation of your homework, and a link to sign up for your next session. You can schedule your next session that same day!

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THE RULES: You can schedule as many 15-minute coaching sessions as often as you like until the end of the 12th month. You simply must do your homework before you schedule each session. This pushes you to take the action you need to take to get the results you want.

THE REASON: I’m offering you this because it turns out I actually *LOVE* coaching! My high paying clients get me for 2 hours per call and those marathons can really take a lot out of me. But with 15-minute laser calls, I find myself with more energy at the end of each call than I had at the beginning. That’s a symptom of doing what you love. Maybe I should be paying you.

THE GUARANTEE: On our first (30) Minute Call – if you don’t think I can absolutely help you achieve your business goal, then we’ll cancel the agreement and I’ll refund your money immediately. No-Risk!

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THE DEADLINE: If you have reached this page and are not on my newsletter you must take action on this today because tomorrow the price doubles. It’s a real bargain for $997 A Full Year daily to create a whole new life in 12 months.

Here Is What People Are Saying>

I’d heard a few friends talk about coaching and how it had helped them. When I tried it for myself, I was looking for a sounding board and a sense of accountability. Coaching with Kathy gave me that plus a whole lot more.

I gained great new ideas and some powerful feedback in my sessions. I found the coaching really good for focusing on my goals. I also realized how many tolerations I was ‘putting up with’ in my life, and I’ve now started to remove them altogether.

After each session, I always feel very motivated and on track in my life and my work.

Other clients have paid me between $2K and $6K PER MONTH to help them achieve their goals. You’ll get access to that same high level of advice and direction during our 15-minute laser sessions FOR ONE FULL YEAR!

P.S. Those who know me best tend to hire me fastest. If you don’t know me very well yet, I’ll share a few client testimonials to let you know this is an amazing opportunity for 997 A Full Year dailyBuy Now

Eva Gregory: I would tell anyone considering working with you to “RUN, DO NOT WALK and listen to everything Kathy has to share with you. Kathy is a genius at what she does.

 Jeanna Gabellini: Kathy was THE best thing that ever happened to my life. THE BEST!

 Nancy Juetten: I’ve needed you for years, but didn’t know where to find you!!!

 If you’re not ready to sign up, go back and read this message again. It’s a no-brainer. If you want your life to never look the same, then CLICK THE BUY NOW LINK. Then you will be directed to book your 1st 30 minutes session.  

I am so excited to work with you!! You are worth it!!

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