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     WELCOME to our group From Anxiety and Stress to Calmness and Bliss Coaching. I am so glad you have joined us. To read more about the group go to From Anxiety and Stress to Calmness and Bliss Coaching the page.

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This group is for those who feel disappointed, hopeless, worried, or lost. You will discover the truth about “who” you are. Birth the courage and confidence needed to fast-track to your goals for a “new” and satisfying life.

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These e-books can help you manage anxiety and depression, and help you learn how-to put-up boundaries to make you feel safe and happy. https://bit.ly/anxietytofreedom

We will meet every Thursday at 1 pm pacific time for 30 minutes in the group “live”. The other option is by a telephone call and it will be recorded for future listening.


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               Break the bond of Anxiety & Live A Life of Confidence, healing Support Group

What is codependency?

Do you have trouble Saying NO and feeling guilty?
Most of us don’t think a lot of ourselves and we look to others to feel loved. When we don’t like ourselves that is where the enabling of others begins.
How you think about who you are and what your value is directly connected to you feeling loved or unloved. If you didn’t feel loved as a child, then your thoughts became distorted in believing you were not good enough or valuable. You grow up and find familiar relationships that don’t value you and because it matches how you feel about yourself it feels like love. Then you do all you can to please that person just to feel loved. You continue to do more than is required in a relationship and become addicted to enabling your partner hoping to feel loved. You don’t put up boundaries because of the fear of rejection and abandonment.
It may feel like love for a time until your partner begins to disrespect you for doing too much and you end up feeling rejected and abandoned. When you no longer feel what you thought was love then you become confused and disenchanted about life and love.
At this point, you don’t know where to turn because the world you thought you had control of suddenly unravels, and sadness and depression sets in. What is needed is recovery from how you thought about and loved yourself before you got addicted to enabling your partner hoping to feel loved. Recovery begins when you harness and change the negative hidden thoughts in your head about yourself and who you really are.
Our group Break the Bond of Codependency & Learn to Love the True You CAN HELP YOU get free from this cycle

How you feel about yourself is a determining factor for your success in life. YOU need to be totally confident that your self-image is the inner picture you carry of yourself.

If you would like to read more about it go here>>  It’s time to invest in yourself!!

We have a 1 on 1 “Limitless Coaching Freedom Accelerator” Program

  • 16 Weekly 1:1 Professional coaching to coach that will help you advance in the direction of your goals, dreams, and desires.  45min 3x a week
  • Weekly inspirational coaching newsletter
  • FREE access to the intense 6-week confidential online coaching course where we work together
  • 3-Hour Breakthrough Session (Virtual or in-person)
  • Confidence Guides: 4 Keys To change limiting beliefs for Success”. To Refresh, Restore, and Rebuild with boundaries and self-care work through setting boundaries, applying self-care, and changing your thinking.
  • The “Coaching Daily Planner” will give you a simple way to stay on track with your mission and goals and reduce or eliminate the daily distractions.
  • The “Tournament of desires” will help you figure out what you REALLY desire (notice I don’t use the word “want” which means extreme lack)
  • The “What’s that in your Hand?” will help you discover ideas, resources, gifts, and people in your life that will help you advance in the direction of your goals, dreams, desires & relationships.
  • Upgrade Your Skills Template Guides to help you track and discover ideas, find resources, ….Like marketing yourself skills, skills you might need for the work or what want to do

Feeling alone, helpless, and lost will be in the past. Discover how feelings lie. The truth about “who” you are lives inside of you. Find the courage and confidence inside yourself to become who you are meant to be.

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You “can” Move From anxiety, depression, Sadness, & Heartbreak to Confidence,  Courage, and Joy.                

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Kathy’s Confidence and Success Coaching & Seminars

“I pray you are loved and empowered in all things”



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