Testimony for Therapy

I am writing this to share with you a few of the wonderful benefits I have received from my opportunities to learn from and be mentored by Kathy Di Giacomo.  I have been struggling with issues of diet, anxiety and depression for a while now, especially since losing my father, and caring for my mom.  I cannot tell you how grateful I was to find that Kathy cares about her clients spiritually, and I have found that to be a great support for me to overcome my problems.  Kathy has been so thorough in her understanding of my needs in all areas of life, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.  She has used tools to help me learn how to help myself through reading, internet, journaling, being accountable to someone.  Kathy listens carefully to what is my need each time I see her so she can help me where I’m at.  She has so much to offer in programs for clients and knowledge for the whole person.  I am so looking forward to gaining more as time goes on.  Thank you, Gail   Sutter Creek Ca.

Kathy Di Giacomo Coaching LLC