• In 24/7 Laser Coaching Confidence Program, we find ways to create your own personal journey of hope, live a confident life, and fulfilling your dreams. Applying my journey of over 15 years in the arts, recovery, therapy, and coaching brings a fresh new perspective for inspiration to help you find healing, joy, and restoration. Finding hope for a confident life will launch you into advancing into your own life purpose and fulfilled dreams. Working together and guiding you to a new journey designed for changed thinking will magnify possibilities you only dreamed were possible.
  • Applying focused inspirational motivation, vision planning, and helping you realize more joy, will promote new life changes.
  • The “Confidence for Codependents” coaching program offers
    • Complete weekly coaching online with recorded sessions for re-listening
    • Action guides and resources to help you practice powerful strategies
    • Boundary, self-care, goal setting, and vision planning exercises
    • Inner work for new personal growth to shift into a success mindset                                                                                                             I CAN’T WAIT TO GET STARTED
Kathy Di Giacomo Coaching