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          “From Codependency, Confusion, and Chaos to Clarity, Confidence, and Self-Worth”

Taking responsibility for your emotional and mental health is powerful!

Congratulations and welcome to the Codependency support and growth group!
I am so glad you made the choice to take responsibility for your emotional and mental health! Here are your steps to get prepared for the course:

      Step One:  Order your book. We will be using the  Codependent no more workbook click here to get it on Amazon. You can digitally download it or have it mailed to you. IMPORTANT: If you have it shipped, please “only order” from Amazon NO VENDORS or it will take weeks.

       Step Two:  Complete your interview. Call 209-536-4296 and schedule a time. The interview will take 15-20 minutes. This interview can be done over zoom and must be done prior to step 3 or attending the group.

          Step Three:  Review and sign the Coaching Agreement form HERE Print out the form.  Read.  Sign. Scan and return by email.

In this 6 class 11 week course, you will: Discover the root of codependency and how to break free!!

  • Learn the skill of detachment and setting healthy boundaries.
  • Gain Actionable strategies for self-love and self-care.
  • Break free from anxiety and depression.
  • Release regret, guilt, and shame.
  • learn to enjoy happy, wholesome, and healthy relationships.

Congratulations you are on your way to

Heal and become emotionally whole in a warm and compassionate environment.

Codependency/Boundaries Transformation & Support Group

You get 3 books, a guide, a workbook, and an e-book and more…

  • From Anxiety and Stress to Calmness and Bliss Facebook group. Do you want inspirational tools for ways to manage anxiety and fear? Need to find peace and hope for the future? You will be able to join our Facebook group From Anxiety and Stress to Calmness and Bliss
  • From Anxiety to Freedom with Boundaries e-book: Exposing the negative hidden thoughts in your mind helps release regret, guilt, and shame,  manage anxiety and depression and supports learning to  Achieve wholesome and healthy relationships. This guide has a workbook inside.
  • 50 SELF-CARE TIPS guide: We need to be totally confident that our self-image is the inner picture we carry of ourselves.
  • Freedom with Boundaries will help you get your life back from always feeling guilted into saying “yes” to everyone. Healthy boundaries prevent you from giving advice, blaming, or accepting blame.
  • Plus more guides and templates as we go throughout the class

Again here is the day/time for the online zoom group meeting:

Mondays:  The dates will be announced to fit the group.

1:00-2:00 pm PST

On the day of class, you will get a zoom link in your email. Just click on the link and join the class

I am so glad you joined us. If you have any problems getting on the zoom please call or text me at 209-536-4296

You will need to meet with Kathy for an interview over zoom and fill out the paperwork and email or mail it back to Kathy    209-536-4296 To schedule your interview with Kathy and to download the paperwork to fill out click below:

Online scheduling

To download your FREE E-BOOK “ From Anxiety to Freedom with Boundaries  E-Book ” go here

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