Welcome and thank you. You have just made the best decision ever for yourself and your future.

How do I help? with Self-help books & tools, online confidential support classes, individual coaching, I help you vanquish the demons of self-doubt and guide you through real-life, self-confidence landmines like relationships, work, and health. With your goal-oriented approach, these proven strategies silence the self-critic within and guide you toward living your best life with confidence.

I empower successful minded motivated wounded women to recover from co-dependency & life-setbacks, to gain new confidence, using self-care, boundaries and changed thinking. We work together in individual and group coaching. The methods used to heal the inner child shifts women to recognize their value to create HEALTHY BOUNDARIES, better SELF ESTEEM, inner peace, love, and happiness.

Please go to this page and fill out the questionnaire schedule your 30 minutes session.  Go here for the questionnaire

The first session of 30 minutes will be a time to set the one goal you would like to work on for the year. From there we will walk you through the homework necessary to accomplish your goal. I am excited to work with you. To start our sessions together. Call to 209.277.2842 to schedule your first 30-minute call.

Kathy Di Giacomo Coaching LLC