3 step guide from “Burnout” to Refresh, Restore, and Rebuild transforming yourself to virtual coaching.

  • Do you like helping others with their mental or physical health but wish there was a different way to help?
  • Would you like to travel the world and still do what you do?
  • Would you like to make six figures, have time freedom, more fun, and be more creative in what you do?

Let’s learn each step for “Burnout” to Refresh, Restore, and Rebuild

Guide to eliminate “Burnout” Do you ever come home from a shift or seeing multiple patience and feel your head spinning and all you can do is lay on your bed and close your eyes. How is your health? Is it failing? Are you feeling more and more tired every day?

You need to be refreshed to help again the next day…………….Answer the questions below to see if you have set boundaries around what you do

Guide to how to Refresh: Is it hard for you to set boundaries when you want to help others?
1. Do you want to put others’ needs and feelings first?
2. Do you know yourself well enough?
3. Do you feel you have rights?
4. Do you believe setting boundaries is not helping?
5. Do you ever challenge your thoughts?

If you said yes to 3 out of 5 of these questions you qualify to learn more about setting boundaries.

BOUNDARIES….. Are learned. If your boundaries were not valued as a child, you didn’t
know you could set any. Any kind of abuse violates personal boundaries, including teasing. For
example, my brother ignored my pleas for my brother to stop tickling me until I could barely
breathe. This made me feel powerless and that I didn’t have a right to say “stop” when I was
uncomfortable. In some cases, boundary violations affect a child’s ability
to mature into an independent, responsible adult. So, as we grow up we believe the lies our
thoughts tell us that we can’t stop someone or say no.

                                        SETTING EFFECTIVE BOUNDARIES
People often say they set a boundary, but it did not help. There is an art to setting boundaries. If it
is done in anger or by nagging, you won’t be heard. Boundaries are not meant to punish but are for
your well-being and protection. They are more effective when you are assertive, calm, firm, and
courteous. If it is a person and it does not work, you may need to communicate consequences to
encourage compliance. It’s essential; however, that you never threaten a consequence you’re not
fully prepared to carry out.

Guide to Restore The steps to guided imagery: Where do you feel this emotion in your body? Put your hand on the area in your body that you feel it. Focus on the feeling of the strong emotion like anger, fear ect.…

When you feel a strong emotion let the strong emotion come and make an invitation and invite it in. Let the sensation and feeling of emotion come. Notice where you feel it and where it is in your body. Close your eyes and notice what images come, who are you with, how can you let that feeling be there? Place your hand on the part of your body that you feel it the most.

As you do this, notice if the emotion in the place where your hand is either moves gets worse, or better. Now send it some love. Imagine your arms wrapping around it and loving it. Once you have accepted it and loved it then allow something new to come into the feeling in your body. This is “Not will driven” but you let go and let it do what it is supposed to. You may need to do this several times to get a strong emotion to change or move or disappear.

Change your limiting beliefs

We learn in the program how to change your limiting beliefs. Here are 4 ways to do it. There are 4 keys to release anxiety and stress from burnout. In the short book, we work from, I will address what the 4 keys are. Why they are important to release burnout and how they work.

These 4 keys are to

1. Think on purpose – choose your thoughts

2. Speak – the new thoughts

3. Believe – what you speak

4. Create – an attitude of gratitude.

Guide to Rebuild your dream

Here is one habit out of the five habits we cover in my program to rebuild a confedent virtual coaching business.

  • Habit #1 Morning ritual
    1. Write down 10 to 15 goals in a journal or a spiral notebook that is designated just for your morning ritual. Begin each day by writing the date at the top and then answer these questions:
    2. Make sure you think big and write down what you desire, not what you think is possible. If you could have, be, do, or accomplish anything, what would that look like?
      • What do I desire…………..
      • What do I do desire to accomplish?
      • What do I desire my life to be about?
      • Where do I desire to go?
      • What do I desire to create?

        • There are eight areas you should include:
      1. Health and wellness
      2. Personal relationships
      3. Finance
      4. Career
      5. Fun/hobbies
      6. Travel
      7. Spiritual/philanthropic
      8. Stuff
  • Remember when you were a little child and used to dream big?
  • Think about that dream and pretend you are a child again. What would that dream be?
  • You’ll be stronger, smarter, faster, braver, bolder, much more.
 There is a dream inside of you about how you want your life to go and what you want to produce, and how you want to help others.
  • If you had a magic wand and when you wake up tomorrow morning you were a virtual coach making six figures and building an empire how would that make you feel?
This is possible if you’re working with the right person who has completed the transformation. You know you have thought about it. You know you have felt frustrated, numb, and overwhelmed with too many patients in one day but you had to do it because it was required to keep your job. What if you could choose how many hours you work or how many people you see all at once? What if you could get paid 10 times for the same hour that you see patients now?  I’m speaking of group virtual coaching. Let’s talk about how this can work. Some of the beginning skills are above and when you get to the rebuild stage here are some ways to begin

Step one to rebuild: You find your niche which is your ideal client you will be coaching. you will ask what they need, how they need it, and how you can deliver it.

Finding your purpose
  1. Focus your vision
  2. Forming habits and goals
  3. Find your avatar
  4. Marketing/research
  5. Track your progress
  6. Discover ideas
  7. Find marketing resources for your coaching
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