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Do holidays create affect your self-image due to negative behaviors from others at holiday events?

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Do you struggle with accepting your body image, or don’t like your body as it is?

Here are some ways you can conquer that negative connection you may have with your body image.

Affirmation: “Today I will become acquainted with my body”.

“I can pick a time and place when I can have quietness and privacy”.

Here are some tools you can use to resolve how you feel about your body

Stand in front of the mirror:

  • Study your body for a few minutes.
  • Look at the textures, hues, shapes, and designs.
  • Learn to see your sensuousness and my uniqueness
  • Love and appreciate your body.

Don’t participate in these statements or actions

  • “Isn’t it awful “
  • Bemoaning how some of your body parts are
  • Too big, too small, or in the wrong place.

Instead, remember when you strive for physical perfection, you endanger yourself by entering the realm of compulsive behavior.

More Affirmations: “As I accept my body, mind, and spirit, I move toward becoming a more balanced and bolder person.

“No matter what kind of body I have, I am lovable and sensual”.

Put all these affirmations above on a 4×6 card and say them daily

Now, this is all great to manage body image, however what about when you are with those who put you down or make remarks that are hurtful. This happens more frequently around the holidays when we are around family members with negative behavior.

Get a jump start for building up bravery and confidence to face the negative comments and behaviors from others. You can be prepared to stand firm on how you handle such situations. You can experience how it feels to have joy, contentment, and stand up for yourself.

Let’s move forward and help you get what you need to shift your mindset for success.

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I pray YOU are LOVED & Empowered!

Much Love 💜 and Hugs 🤗, Kathy

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