4 ways to accomplish success and get a free gift for anxiety

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Are you wondering what 4 ways may prove that you are rewarding your illness?

                1. You feel afraid and let that feeling halter your actions.
                2. You allow shame to get the upper hand and will have unrealistic expectations.
                3. Your low self-esteem causes you to get into relationships that only end in heartbreak.
                4. You allow unacceptable behavior to go unchallenged.

You don’t need to feel shame or condemnation just because these were things in the past you couldn’t overcome. Be thankful that you see them now, and you are overcoming them. It is time to reward success and not illness.

You do not need to pay the high price of feeding your mental illness and self-defeating patterns. Let us turn that around by focusing on success and not feed the illnesses that you succumbed to in your past.

Listen to others who see the good in you and listen to their words of encouragement to keep you on the right track. Make affirmations that say;

  • I will not be afraid and act instead.
  • I am done with shame and have realistic expectations.
  • I am confident enough now to attract a healthy relationship.
  • I do not allow unacceptable behavior without addressing it.

To avoid the anxiety that is rewarding your illness, get your free tool to help you.

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