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Healing Support Group

Break the Bond of Codependency & Live a Life of Confidence. 

Every other Tuesday for 6 TUESDAYS:  Next start date June 23rd,2020


How you feel about yourself is a determining factor for your success in life and your relationships. YOU need to be totally confident that your self-image is the inner picture you carry of yourself. This FREE E-BOOK has over 100 ways to care for & love yourself and more..   It’s time to invest in yourself!!

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Precious sister,

  • Has codependency kept you in guilt and shame?
  • Has regret been your constant companion?
  • Do you long for love without control and manipulation?
  • Have you made someone else’s problem yours? and you can’t get them out of your head?
  • Have you lost yourself in the drama of tending to someone else’s problems?   

  Then you may be in burnout!    You CAN BREAK FREE!

If you answered yes to these questions.  This SUPPORT GROUP is for you!  

One woman broke free; Georgia was living with a narcissistic, abusive husband. She could not stay away from him because of her codependency issues and she kept going back to him. As a result of being in the group, she was able to leave him permanently.  Georgia did her recovery work and now has a wonderfully healthy relationship with herself and a wonderful boyfriend.

 In this 6 week course you will:

  • Discover the root of codependency and how to break free
  • Learn the skill of detachment and setting healthy boundaries
  • Gain actionable strategies for self-love and self-care
  • Break free from burnout and depression
  • Learn Practical Tools and Strategies
  • Support for practicing boundaries with toxic people
  • Release regret, guilt, and shame and anxiety
  • Learn to enjoy a happy, wholesome and healthy lifestyle

Turn your life around, heal, and become emotionally whole in a warm and compassionate environment.

Join Kathy Di Giacomo as she leads this life-changing  6-session Support Group to Break the Bond of Anxiety and gain Confidence, & Empowerment.

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ONLINE Every other Tuesday @ 11:30 Access from the comforts of your home by phone conference call or zoom, (with instructions included).

OFFLINE IN SONORA: It starts on Thursdays: @ 11:30 pm to 12:30 pm and continues for six weeks. (If evenings or weekends are better please contact me). Due to COVID 19 we are doing this class on zoom.

Working in a supportive group environment has many advantages. Often, you receive as much or more benefit from others’ work as you do your own. Others’ issues can bring your own forward and lead you deeper into the work that you need to do.

The group is 60 minutes long, with up to 6 people in the group. In any given session, there will be times when everyone will work, and sometimes only a few will work while others participate in the group process. Everyone, in the group, gets the help they need. In past groups, there was enough time for everyone to receive the help they needed.

Kathy is a Confidence Coach with 35 years of experience & teaches Classes for Adults and Children utilizing the Arts while giving women hope in transition and helping them rebuild their lives again.

Kathy has a Masters’s degree in psychology.

  • Created a self-care program to help women to learn to love and value themselves, discover their inner strength & power.
  • Gain new confidence to not take verbal abuse and make new choices from that place of love and confidence.

Less than $49.50 a session!  (The total investment for the 6 group sessions is $297 payable in advance.)

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 Blessings to you

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