Therapy, Coaching, or Counseling business support 

to help you grow and thrive.

    • You’ve reached the point in your business where you flirt with this love-hate relationship. You love what you do, but hate how you feel like there should be more to your business and life.
    • You’re tired of counting down the minutes until your next break – the one-to-one client time takes your breath away most days. Something needs to change, but you just can’t figure out what.

You wonder if… need to learn more so you can better help your clients. Or perhaps you’ve been thinking of working with a coach so you can find easier ways to run your business smoothly, gain more time in your day, make more money, have more freedom — help figure out where you’re stuck.

This is exactly why I created a new pilot group Step Up to Freedom and Success – for Therapists, Coaches, and Counselors just like you.

Step Up to Freedom and Success is a new form of coaching that will help you grow and thrive in your business. 

We’ll explore:

    • What’s keeping you from loving your business.
    • Why you feel stuck.
    • What transformations you can make to increase your revenue while working fewer hours
    • How to embrace and manage fears and doubts
    • How to master manifesting your vision
    • Gain confidence to raise your rates
    •  (ADD 3–5-point points – why they need to join)

You’ll get to:

    • Explore new ways to breathe life back into your business
    • Transform your business so you love it
    • Restore your life with time freedom
    • Have energy and time to dedicate to your personal life
    • Feel comradery with your peers
    • (3-5 results – anything else?)

How it works:

For only $97 a month, or $997 a year you’ll get:

2 x Zoom sessions a month

  • 90 minutes total = 30 minutes training on topics such as:
    • Trauma education and tools
    • Anxiety and Interventions
    • Depression Interventions
    • Transforming your own practice


  • 60 minutes hot seat coaching and consulting

This takes place:

  • After the training on subjects, that you need to be an expert in your field

What happens in the 60 minutes?

  • We take the 60 minutes and divide it by how many are present in the zoom so everyone gets the time they need to ask questions.(when does this happen?)

Sign-up before May 15th to receive the 4 bonus gifts:

    • The peace process training
    • The mirror work instructions
    • Breathing technique lessons
    • Guided imagery class

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