6 New 2022 health goals? Free planner

Say: I have a positive and vibrant attitude toward my health

My health can never run out. My good health is like a consistent bubbling fountain providing me with vital energy.  “Daily Affirmations by Rokelle Lerner

There are two ways to create good health:

#1. Speak affirmations out loud about your body itself.

#2. Appreciate your body, and in so doing, you will activate the flow of positive energy.

Here are some ideas and things to claim for affirmations to say out loud

  • Maximize your help in your thoughts and behavior
  • Be thankful for and conscious of your good health and the freedom that it creates
  • Play your feet firmly on the earth and acknowledge your grounding in a healthy reality
  • Take a deep breath and acknowledge your acceptance of positive vibrant thoughts and release the old steel patterns
  • Acknowledge that as you move through the day you have all you need to feel good.
  • Affirmation I exercise my limits, as I breathe deeply and fully, I realized that I have all I need to enjoy the days to come

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