imagesI am excited to bring this NEW process in body movement for healing to my client’s and see them experience release in their bodies and minds from trauma and stress that was created from negative life experiences that were out of their control. This last weekend I experienced a 3 day dance movement training that rearranged my emotions and outlook on life. I was in Sebastopol in the middle of beautiful vineyards learning how to teach DMT (Dance Movement therapy) to my clients. The experience was very unique, fun, calming and invigorating all at the same time. I came home refreshed and rejuvenated. It felt as though all the negative cobwebs of the past disintegrated into peace in my body and mind. The movements we did through dance using the natural rhythms and movement that God has put in us that form from birth to 3yrs old released stresses while using these rhythms we were born with. The natural rhythms and movement that take place in our body from the time we are born through adulthood are what resolve our maturity at different stages of our lives. It feels as though my body and mind were gently adjusted throughout my inner being to a calmer and more central state. This is only the beginning as to what I will be learning to use in my counseling with individuals. Stay tuned for more to come!!!

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