7 Tips to gain more confidence and less fear plus FREE GIFT 

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Today we will be talking about how to gain more confidence and get rid of fear. I am offering a free gift to help you organize your day to help you feel confident about what you are accomplishing every day.

Did you know…When you look confident on the outside, you can feel confident on the inside. Here are some ways to feel confident.

  • Stand upright when you walk
  • Don’t slump your shoulders or hang your head down
  • Practice living with passion, zeal, and enthusiasm.
  • Celebrate the day today and say “something good will happen to me today”.
  • Attack the day, don’t dread it
  • Know what you want to accomplish each day
  • Create a daily planner using creative art (see below for a free planner).

Why it matters…You can be confident inside you. But you must tell your body to act confidently on the outside. That’s when confidence grows. Confidence will keep you out of fear and allow you to experience peace. Remember, 99.9% of fear is not real. However, what you focus on in fear, could happen.

Fear was only created to warn you of things to come so you can prepare to act for your protection.

What to do…It is important to have a well laid out plan for your success with a daily planner. Then you can count on knowing where you are going and what you have accomplished. Also, daily expectations that something great will happen today gives you confidence and hope. Also, practicing holding your body pose in confidence creates a positive outlook for you.

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