Are you sick and tired of living with no confidence?

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 My Story

I have lived a huge part of my life without confidence because I did not know who I was. As a result of not knowing who I was, I got through life relying on coping skills that made me feel guilty. When I began to work with a coach, she helped me discover the real me. The person I was meant to be when I was born. Due to abuse and disfunction in my childhood, my personality was altered and the real me was not able to surface. The coping skills I used as a child followed me into adulthood. I didn’t know any other way to deal with my insecurities except to behave how I thought others wanted me to behave. So, when I didn’t behave others wanted, I felt guilty.

Did you know… When you have a guilty conscience for behaving how you think others want you to behave it lowers your confidence.

Have you had a drop in your confidence lately?  Do you need to get it back?

  • Think about what you’ve done in the past few weeks/months.
  •  What you’ve compromised about.
  • What you’ve been angry about·

Did you come up with something? ________________________________________

Did the thing that you came up with leave you compromising what you know was right to do at the time?________

Or deep down inside have you been riddled with guilt or condemnation?

Why it matters…Confidence and condemnation don’t work well together.

Let’s continue to examine ourselves for the lack of confidence. Examining yourself to see if you are behaving the right way is tough without surrendering to another pair of eyes and ears.  Having a coach will give you the confidence to examine how you are behaving and know what you are called to do.

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The transition from offline to build 6 figures online with more free time

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