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When you have body pain does your thinking change?

Does the “negative think monger” show up and say things like “you’re never going to accomplish anything”, it’s over for you”


  • Do you feel awful inside and cry because of the grief around the pain?
  • Do you ever think to yourself your future looks bleak?

 I can tell you I’ve been there, but here’s what I have felt and found really works.

To take the “negative think mongers” thoughts and turn them into positive affirmations.

  • For instants, I will accomplish great things today.
  • This pain too shall pass and get better.
  • My future is hopeful, and I will do great things.

 Every time the “negative think monger” comes to visit due to the pain in your body or the discouragement around you in the world.

Tell it, thank you, and say you don’t need to do your job anymore. Think about what you are thinking and write down the negative thoughts and turn them into positive affirmations that you say daily.

Also, tell the “negative think monger” that you’re going to retire him because he’s no longer needed and give him a new assignment. Ask him what he wants to do in retirement?

For instance, when he comes around his new assignment could be to prepare you for the Great future ahead of you

Don’t be weighed down with problems and unresolved issues.

What if instead just for today, you could treat yourself with love and compassion, kindness, and empathy instead of letting problems weigh you down

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