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Let’s start the new year right with more peace and joy!!

Well, this is the first newsletter of 2021. Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year. It’s been rough for all of us but we’re still here.

Have you ever noticed that when trials, hard times in crisis come into our life we tend to draw more closer to God?

When things are going smoothly, and everything is working out your way you tend to forget about God and his part in your life. Sometimes smooth sailing can lull you into the stupor of self-sufficiency.

Are you looking to find more of yourself? Like who you really are as a person?

The more completely you attain and preserved a relationship with God the more freely you will love yourself and others which will create happiness and peace.

If you would like to have more weekly support, you can go to my Facebook group where I help you manage your anxiety and stress.

<<<<<<<<<<<Then this is for you>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

I ran a “Manage stress and anxiety to prepare for the Holidays challenge” in my Facebook group. To get your FREE Christmas present join the group “A Community for Confidence, Motivation, Extraordinary Growth and Vision”  here and follow the challenge. Join now to get all the clues for receiving your FREE GIFT.

There will be strategies posted each Monday and Wednesday that will help you manage your anxiety and prepare for the Holidays. Follow the posts on Mondays and Wednesdays for clues and tips for the FREE Christmas gift you will get access to.

   See you in the group!!!  Be sure to pick up your 50 SELF CARE tips guide in the group files.

I am also preparing to launch a FREE Masterclass!

This Masterclass is for anyone who is interested in becoming a Coach or already has a Coaching, Consulting, or Therapy business.

If you work in-person but are looking for an alternative to grow your business and serve more clients, I’d love for you to join me!

Imagine…do work you love, in fewer hours, see more clients without burnout and have time to enjoy life.

Join the Free MasterclassConfident Coach in One Hour for Coaches, Consultants or Therapists.

In just 1-hour we’ll discuss:

  • How to win in the mind battle to be a confident online Coach
  • A simple fix to stop anxiety and fear from overwhelming you
  • The one thing most Coaches fail to do when they become an online Coach – how not to let this kill your confidence

Click here to register for the FREE Masterclass CONFIDENT COACH IN AN HOUR for Coaches, Consultants, or Therapists

If you have any question about the MasterClass or working with me, drop a note in the comment, PM me, or email me at



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