Hi Everyone… I’m back stronger than ever to help everyone with struggles in life…

Hello everyone…I have had a rough couple of months but I am doing well. Hope you all are too. I lost my younger sister in July to Cancer and that was hard but I learned some really good lessons and some things about myself that have helped me to come back to my blog even stronger. I have much to share and my experiences have multiplied so I can help you all relate for those who need an understanding ear.

Think about this statement: “Certainty for what will happen to all is a driving need for everyone”………….However uncertainty is all around us…..Think about it ..you step into uncertainty every day you wake up or make a change or do something different and then you forget about it.

Here is another one: When I say the word vulnerability what so you think of?

Think of it as gratitude and when you honor yourself and have gratitude it is like the fountain of light and power. Gratitude transforms and redefines courage.

Think of it as abundance: Forgiveness creates no frustration or anger at others or self………..give it up and clear it out and release it from your body to make room for abundance in your life!!!

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