Reality Crises Inspires-12 Keys to Hope

Reality Crises

We have a sudden awareness of what is unfolding around us in our environment that is terribly wrong. This situation could have been there for years but “you” just now suddenly see it. It scares you a little because you never have seen it quiet that way before. It can be exciting as well because it is a piece of the puzzle you have been looking for to resolve your life situations and move forward from being stuck from where you don’t want your life to be.


  • You are not average…take off the labels people put on you, they are not the truth!
  • You are valuable and a masterpiece, one of a kind! Experts can be wrong.
  • No more mediocrity thinking – you are what you answer to not what people call you.
  • You are a person of influence, favor and greatness!


  • People are not the problem it is how we respond to the problem.
  • What we see depend on what we look for.
  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • True success is a piece of mind in knowing you have done all you can possibly do.
  • Get over the person who mistreated you.
  • Don’t condemn myself; you won’t get better if you have chip on your shoulder.
  • If you feel the whole world stinks look inside.
  • Take control of your own happiness.

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