Are you feeling overwhelmed? What to do to give yourself a break 😀💜

Hello I’m so glad you are here

Do you expect too much of yourself?

Do you ever feel like pulling the covers up over your head?

Are you tired of hanging on but afraid to let go?

Are you tired of putting yourself on the line, feeling vulnerable, taking on too many tasks?

Does your progress seem stalled?

We must remember that frustration and disappointment are inevitable elements of the journey, the thorns that come with the roses.

Of course, you feel tired sometimes.

Give yourself a break. The path to healing runs uphill, and it is littered with stumbling blocks. you earned your exhaustion and deserve a rest.  YOU also deserve to move forward when it’s time.


And that is what’s coming in the new services that I am offering. New inspiring ways to conquer some of your old habits and become new again.

Become hopeful again, become the person you’re meant to be, and allow that person to arise into positive uniqueness, financial freedom while doing creating an extraordinary income doing what you love in less time.

Unique Hope

Learn ways to bring your own unique talents and gifts into helping others.

We are all unique in our own way. No one has a laugh, a smile, or exactly the same walking and talking.

We are unique in 100 other ways, our thinking style, our sense of humor, or taste have never come together in one person before, and they never will again.

Sometimes the problem can be that you don’t recognize your uniqueness or know how to bring it out to make progress.

This can be a new day for you. No one else can live this life for you. Let’s move forward and help you realize what you need and what your talents are so you can experience how it feels to know and help others.

Kathy DiGiacomo’s coaching service is revamping and renewing my services to meet more needs for you

I have great exciting new programs coming your way. New coaching services that will meet many more needs.

If you would like to make any suggestions for what you would like to see in extra training then please go to……Kathy’s Confidence Coaching and Seminars on Facebook

Or please reply to this email💖  I will be listening and watching for your input

My clients receive incredible anxiety relief and confidence while doing what they love. If you would like a free 30-minute “Relieve Anxiety Now” Breakthrough Coaching Session” or any current issue you are dealing with now.


Need help NOW? call me anytime at 209-277-2842

Even one Strategy Session with a Success Coach can launch a breakthrough for you!

I pray YOU are LOVED & Empowered!

Much Love and Hugs, Kathy





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