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Repressed Anger, Stuffed Emotions Living with a Chronic Disease

Do you find yourself in pain or having scary emotions like anger, sadness etc?

Learn why we must process negative emotions to manage body pain.

Vera’s Story (is it yours as well?)

Vera wasn’t aware that scary emotions like repressed anger, sadness caused her body pain. Fibromyalgia made it hard for 46-year-old Vera to get her legs out of bed in the morning. As she moved toward the bathroom the pangs of pain moved to her hands, head, and neck. It brought tears to her eyes. It made her angry to think that Kurt hadn’t even thought of organizing things around the house to make life a little easier for her. Vera remembered the arguments about accompanying her on doctors’ appointments and got even angrier. 

But she never said anything to him. She turned her mind to the support group she would attend later that day, although it wasn’t successful in easing her physical discomfort.
Vera found it easier to focus on the fibromyalgia pain than her scary emotions.

Her Past

As she ate breakfast,  flashbacks of her early family file flooded Vera’s vision. She relived the tension she used to feel coming home from school wondering if her parents would fight out loud or give each other the cold shoulder.


Her mother would take out her frustration and anger on Vera the oldest and quietest of her kids. Veras’ muscles tightened up as she recalled the fear of uncertainty and not knowing how to speak about her worries. It was the same thing now. She didn’t know how to talk about her fear and anxiety of not being able to take care of herself.


Vera had no words for the anger at her father for not making her mother happy. Her husband Kurt was equally insensitive and uncaring. What she did have is body pain that ranged from dull aches to excruciating pain for which no specific organic cause had been found.

Anger and Auto-immune Disorders

Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disease, was the diagnosis.  It came with fatigue, slowing down of actions and restricting her life. It was making Vera dependent on pain medication and on a husband, who let her down, repeating the cycle of her childhood.
According to a report in the 2008 Journal of Psychosomatic Research, Autoimmune disease is caused by not processing negative emotions like anger, sadness, guilt etc.
(This is part 1 of a 3-part series be sure to watch for the next blog.)
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Written By Kathy Di Giacomo

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