4 Steps to Set Yourself Free From Negativity and Anxiety

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Are you struggling with anxiety?

Emotions of anxiety are just feelings that we feel at times.  These feelings can be your friend or your enemy depending on what is going on in your life.   Once you train your thoughts to obey you, you can use those new thoughts to adjust how you feel.

Example: Someone does something that really makes you mad.  You “feel” hurt and get upset.  If you have trained your thoughts to say, “Their action will not affect my emotions” or “I am well able to forgive them” then every time this happens the feelings of anger will dissipate.  So, we “choose” what you are going to think at a time when a feeling tries to take over and upset you.

(Write down your own negative thoughts on the worksheet at the bottom of this blog). Your thoughts are limited and futile and you must renew your mind with positive thoughts to create your new life free of anxiety and stress.

When you are feeling worthlessness, insignificant, unloved, depressed, or a lack of confidence you can create new thoughts to speak out loud like i.e.: “I am worthy of being valued and paid attention to”.  “I am entitled to joy and pleasure”. “I am entitled to make mistakes and not be perfect”. These are just a few examples of how it works. In one on one coaching, we go into more specifics about your precise thoughts you struggle with the most and how to address them.  Now let’s talk about speaking these new thoughts out loud.


  1. How we should speak to ourselves:
  • In truth, not lies.
  • Without pent-up anger
  • Building up, not tearing down.
  • According to what is needed at the moment.
  • With grace, not with clamor (yelling) and slander.
  1. How we should view ourselves:
  • Without bitterness, wrath, anger, and malice.
  • Gifted, talented, courageous.
  1. How we should provide for ourselves:
  • Working hard so we have something to share with

ourselves and others.

  • Focused on our work but taking the time to play.
  1. How we should treat ourselves, especially when we make mistakes:
  • With kindness, tenderheartedness, and forgiveness.
  • Giving ourselves grace knowing that we are enough
  • With love and compassion

What jumps out at you when you read the above list?

In what ways would you like to treat yourself in more loving and compassionate ways?
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Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t yet know how to treat yourself with compassion. You’re in the majority that hasn’t been taught how.

“A positive thought is the truth and the opposite of your negative thought”.

ok, here is a sample of how to change a negative thought into a positive thought.

Negative thought samples:

  • I am a failure!
  • I am not loved!

Positive thought sample:

  • I accomplish great things!
  • I am loved by everyone!

If you speak and believe the positive thoughts the atmosphere changes and brings about what you are speaking and believing for. If you could see with different eyes, you would see the miracles happening around you when you speak the truth about who you are meant to be.



_I am a failure!











  • I accomplish great things!










When you finish you will have an affirmation list to say out loud daily.

Keep recording your negative /positive thoughts on a separate sheet of paper.

It’s important to stay in the moment and to think about ways to enjoy yourself.

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