Do you live in the shadows of fear or Anxiety? FREE RESULTS CHART

Do you need relief from the pain of loss?

You are either growing or you are dying.

When you consciously refuse to grow You die.

The opposite way of moving forward>>>

************** IS GOING BACKWARD

You shrink back into the shadows that make your inner journey scary but necessary.

Until you dare to face the hidden feelings of worthlessness, jealousy, loneliness, and grief– you can gain self-respect and the confidence you need so you can leave the shadows behind you forever.

Though it may be scary for you, it is worth the discovery to find that our inner universe is magnificent.

This can only happen by pushing through the shadows of the negative emotions that you feel around grief, and loss and relieve anxiety.

¬†By this point in the newsletter, you might be asking “how do I do this”?¬† I call it riding the wave!!

You can get through these painful emotions by ‚Äúriding the wave‚ÄĚ that they are contained in.

This is a process that sends healing hormones and chemicals to your brain to make you happier.

This process involves addressing the pain of the loss or negative feelings and riding them like you would a wave in the ocean. Each time you ‚Äúride the wave‚ÄĚ of pain or disappointment and really grieve it out the pain lessens around the grief and loss.

Today’s affirmation to relieve fear and anxiety:

“I can practice today seeing behind my fears and insecurities and discover the beauty that is in me”.

My clients receive incredible anxiety relief and confidence while doing what they love. If you would like a free 30 minutes

‚ÄúRelieve Anxiety Now‚ÄĚ Breakthrough Coaching Session‚ÄĚ or any current issue you are dealing with now.¬†

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