Daily habit to manage your anxiety!! >>> 💖💖Free Guide and Process

The first step is to change your thought patterns.

Can we trust our thoughts when we just let them run wild?

If we monitor and think about what we are thinking about then your thoughts can lead you on the right path.

You can trust your thoughts as powerful and true if you are examining them daily.


Your mind is active and alive, and you can create successful thoughts that will be guided by you.

You can select strong, powerful ideas, and not be held down by heavy feelings.

If you choose your thoughts wisely and make sure they’re positive, then they can lighten your feelings.

FIRST:  You must deal with the heavy negative feelings that create the negative thoughts.

You can do this by working through the negative feelings. Here are the steps to what I call the

The Peace Process

This is the peace process to help with anxiety or any negative feeling at the moment that you feel it.

Close your eyes, think about where in your body the anxiety is coming from, where you feel it the most in your body.

  1. Next when you have found where it is in your body, lightly put your hand on that spot.

  2. Next, take a deep breath and set an intention of acceptance to that place in your body where you feel it.

  3. Say to yourself, I accept you, you are part of me. Keep saying that in different ways.

  4. Next begin to send it love, notice if it has changed or shifted in any way.

  5. Continue to send it love with your hand on it and complete acceptance.

  6. Imagine your arms wrapping around the feeling in your body and showing it love.

  7. Continue to give it acceptance and love until you feel a shift or a lightening in the discomfort.

  8. Continue to stay with it giving it acceptance and love until you feel it change, shift, move or lighten up.

  9. If it moves just move your hand wherever it goes so your hand stays on the area that you feel in your body.

If it is not completely gone, no worries, just notice how it shifted, moved or changed and revisit it there the next time you have or feel anxiety.

Once you have dealt with the negative feelings, I have some tricks and ideas for daily habits to change the negative thoughts that come in

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