How do you release your deepest hurts? Free graph and instructions🥰

Tools to release loss through grieving the deep hurts you have experienced.

Today you can find a way to release your deepest hurts so that they do not wrestle with your spirit and make you sad and unhappy.

How many times do the hurts that you encounter hold you down and block your path to being happy?

You need to recognize the hurt, feel it, and then discover a way to release it.

The memory never fades, but the way you react to the hurt can change.

Grieving your heart will be an important part of your healing.

The anger, the rage, the sadness we experience with hurt may have been so deep that we don’t know how to resolve it.

Don’t keep letting your spirit get beat up with the hurt and pain of loss.

Begin to accept your hurt and make a conscious effort to let your spirit re-emerge with life and energy!

You might say “oh, this is all extremely helpful but how do I do this”?

“I thought you would never ask”. Let me send you the grieving chart and the instructions on how to properly grieve past hurts and losses so that happy hormones and chemicals can flood your body to heal it and take away anxiety and depression.

Attached is a great chart that shows the grieving results.

Here is the graph that shows how your emotions react to the work you are doing. Along with the process use a journal to write your feelings and healing journey. Here are the instructions on how to do the healing work  If you have any questions, you can email me at



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