How to stand up to the bully of fear and win

We have the power to stand up to the bully of fear and make every day amazing.

The power of words can change everything:

Where do words come from? Your words come from your negative thoughts, attitudes, and the way you see things. When you think negatively, it gets into your heart, and then afterward it comes out in your words. A few words can make you incredibly angry where another few words can calm you down. That is the power of words, but it all starts with what you think about.

Where does fear come from? We all have fears that we live with on a daily bases. What is the difference between healthy fear and an unhealthy fear?

Healthy fear is created when you’re driving, and a car jumps over in your lane and you have to swerve to avoid the other car. That is a fear that protects you.

Fears that are not a good start with negative thinking about what may have happened to you due to your past experiences around life events or growing up. I grew up with constant fear-based living. If I wanted to do anything at all my parents would say the most negative thing about it they could think. It was presumed fears and not reality.

This type of fear immobilizes you and can keep you stuck. The negative fears you carry around in your head are that kind of fear and are like a bully in your head that you have to stand up to.


One way to do that is to notice what you have been thinking about that day. The trigger that lets you know it’s time to examine what you’ve been thinking about can be a mood shift, sadness, depression, or anxiety. If you have been thinking negatively and then you say the negative thought often enough, silently or in your heart, you will believe it whether it’s true or not.

We Receive What We Believe

 Is what you have been thinking about something that feeds your soul, or is it something that makes you afraid, intimidated, or anxious?

I Would Suggest as an Exercise

 Take a little time at the end of each day and think about what you talked about that day. Anytime you are feeling gloomy, you should ask yourself immediately, “what have I been thinking or talking about”?

What you are thinking or talking about won’t cause “all” your problems, but they do create a great deal of them. They should be given a good deal of consideration when you’re looking for the answers to the problems you encounter in life. We all have challenges and struggles in life, but we can make them better or worse by the way we are think or talk about them.

Someone Once said, “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Change your thinking about your fears. Don’t allow fear to become a monster in your thinking, because it’s the one thing that will back down quickly when confronted. Think of fear as the school bully that tries to push you around until you challenge them. Then they cower in fear.

Are you looking for more ways to feel: less fear, loved, peace, and the absence of emotional or mental pain and heartache?

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How would it feel to>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  1. Clarify your direction with the goals that you want to make for changes to happen
  2. Strategize your actions: We would look at what you want, strategize your priorities to create a plan for your future.
  3. Upgrade your skills for how to create confidence, hope, and more ….

Do you think this would be valuable to you?

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Until we meet again, pray: God keep me safe and protected where I am.

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