Feeling disparaged, anxious, or overwhelmed? Ready to change and grow?

To start with you need people you can trust enough to be able, to tell the truth, ~~ loving people who will say what needs to be said, even if it’s uncomfortable to bear at first.

Every mind has a “choice” between truth and repose. Take what you want – you can never have both.

Denial is sneaky and hard to detect. Denying reality will change color until it blends right in and seems to fit.

It is convenient because you don’t have to deal with what you can’t see, or you camouflage some truths that you are afraid will hurt or challenge you.

The most famous denial is denying that you may have lived in a dysfunctional family or that your “fun” family may have been dysfunctional at all.

Others may insist that only their siblings were affected, or only themselves. You may say to yourself you are just liberating but in reality, you are procrastinating.

Self-deception can be limitless when it comes to the shame you feel about your past.

You need people you can trust ~~~loving people who will say what needs to be said, even if it’s uncomfortable to hear at first.

Having an open mind is how you grow and change. If you don’t allow anyone to point out where you are in denial or where you need help in your blind spot’s you will never grow.

Recognizing the difference between denial and reality can help you play BIGGER!

Instead of running from, or avoiding denial, embrace and welcome it as a friend!

Have you been spinning, stuck, or sabotaging your success? Are you tired of playing small? 

As a result, you may be struggling with limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks holding you in a pattern of defeat.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and into your BEAUTIFUL, BIG, DREAM/VISION?

The world needs your gift!  Having a business and success coach to help you is a powerful way to increase awareness, be held accountable, and be encouraged.

Enjoy a step-by-step A-Z plan to get results by growing your mindset, and skillset and creating an action plan that works.

With 1 on 1 coaching or in a group, I help you to reconnect with who you are, manage and get relief from denial, anxiety, shame, and low self-esteem so you can finally move out of feeling overwhelmed and move into, creating the foundation for a growing multiple figure business online.

You may feel trapped by these negative emotions or something else that is holding you back from being successful.

If so, let’s get on a call

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I’m here for YOU!!

I pray YOU are LOVED & Empowered!

Much Love 💜 and Hugs 🤗, Kathy

Kathy Di Giacomo’s Coaching “Personal Development & Business Growth Strategist”            

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Become uniquely you! 

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