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We are healed of suffering only by experiencing it to the full. ~ Marcel Proust

Healing is a mysterious, complex process. In all of us, healing follows its own timeline and its own course. We are more likely to see healing take place in others more easily than we can see it take place in ourselves. Sometimes our healing takes us by surprise: we may often only be aware of it after the fact.

That’s why you must be an active participant in personal development to keep your eyes open and aware

How you begin to feel healing is happening

Maybe one day you become aware that a trigger you once had, like a burst of anger etc. doesn’t have the power to make you angry anymore. Or maybe a painful memory pops up without a physical symptom to go along with it.

Perhaps you realize that a week went by, or a month and you realize that not one dreadful thing happened:

You no longer experience bitterness caused by and un-forgiveness. Un-forgiveness has shifted and diminished.

Affirmation to say today, I am patient, confident, and willing to be healed. I will pay attention to shifts and positive responses as I go through my day

Now, for the fun stuff. Would you like to have a free session with me right now to help you heal?

Well, I have included in this email a video of one of the modalities I use when working with my clients who are ready to heal.

What coping skills are you using to manage your healing? In this video, I will walk you through the steps to manage anxiety, heal anger, and forgiveness for yourself. 

I’m sharing a video of a simple breathing exercise to help anyone who needs it! 🥰 Here is the video>>>>>>>>>>  do the breathing exercise

Let’s move forward so I can help you get what you need to shift your mindset for further success.

In addition to the video, I am running a special today on my new workbook “4 Keys to Change Limiting Beliefs to Create Success” or you can work with me for 4 weeks of 1 on 1 coaching with the workbook.

This workbook and/or 1 on 1 coaching will reduce anxiety, help you manage hard relationships, find hope, and give you confidence. If you would like this offer, please email me at with “black Friday 4 keys” in the subject line. I will send it right to you

New and improved services coming

At “Kathy’s personal development and business coaching” services, we are revamping and renewing our services to meet more needs for you 💜

I have great exhilarating new programs coming your way. New coaching services that will meet many more needs.

We are preparing new juicy and exciting services to help those who feel lost, stuck, and don’t know what to do to move forward. You may feel trapped by anxiety and lack of self-confidence, or something else that is holding you back from being happy or successful

If you would like to find out more you can schedule a 30-minute free “follow up on your dreams” call click here

  • Ask questions
  • Get help/relief
  • Learn how coaching can help you through tough times.
  • Talk out loud with someone who will NOT judge.
  • Who will have an open heart and ears to listen to what is keeping you from being happy with the unique YOU.

If you want to make any suggestions for what you would like to see in extra training, then please comment to this blog 💖

I will be listening and watching for your input

I’m here for YOU!!

I pray YOU are LOVED & Empowered!

Much Love 💜 and Hugs 🤗, Kathy

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