Who Is Writing to Me? Someone Who Knows Your Pain and Can Help

I got to thinking, I have been writing to you all this time and maybe you want to know who is the lady behind the letters

So, you ask, who is Kathy? What has she seen and done in this big world?

In my own tragedies, I have felt alone, helpless, and lost but I discovered that what I was feeling was not the truth.

The truth about “who” you are is inside you and I can help you birth new security and confidence that will create a satisfying life for you.

Did you know… It is possible to feel:  Cherished, loved, prosperous, peacefulness, and joyful? Overcome physical, emotional, or mental pain and heartache! Gain new hope for a better future!  You can have a wake-up moment that will change your life forever. How can I say that??

I had my aha or wake-up moment 20 years ago.

What was my aha moment? When I was challenged by an unexpected tragedy to become the person I was meant to be. I had a wake-up call when a major tragedy happened in our family. We owned a thriving business that was flourishing, and I would have never guessed what happened next. We had a beautiful home, lots of friends, our children were becoming adults and learning about life, skiing, traveling. Life was good. We homeschool all 3 of them and they were flourishing.

Then one day I got a call……

…..that I never want to get again that my husband had fallen 18 feet off a roof. I didn’t know the extent of the damage yet, but it was severe, and to make a long story short, he became disabled. I had no career, no way to support our family other than the business we ran together which he no longer could run or be a part of. This led me to my aha moment, what was I going to do.? Now I’ve learned since then that I am a major problem solver.
So, as a problem solver, I got busy doing what I needed to do. I knew that day my life would never be the same. And it wasn’t. But in a good way.

I ran away …

In the early years, I had run away with my husband, my hero, from both of our dysfunctional family’s thinking if I got far enough away it could be different for my family. And it was for a while, but when tragedy hit all the dysfunction showed up in my own family. I had to do the recovery work around it that I had waited so long to do. I knew that day that what happened would all be for a reason and as it turned out it was.

 My passion that led to my mission

My mission became to help others not to have to experience what I went through. Giving others the right tools and strategies and helping them know what to do after disappointments, breakups, abuse, & control in relationships to help soften the blows of unexpected life tragedies. When the tragedy happened, I was caught off guard and didn’t know what to do. You never think or plan that it will happen to you. But I learned through hardship, trial, and error the things that were necessary to do at the time. Because I’m a problem solver I set out to solve the problems, and there were many.

The big problem was that we had no income due to my husband’s disability. I went to work getting my degree’s, learning how to recover from my dysfunctional family of origin, and how to deal with my hero who was very angry about what happened. My passion grew while I was learning, going to school, and restructuring our lives to function in a different way due to the accident. For a while, everybody in our family was disorientated due to what happened. But as acceptance set in, we all began to change and become stronger.

My passion grew to help others navigate through trying times.

I went to work getting a GED and on through to attain a master’s degree in psychotherapy. I spent 20 years in Alanon recovering from codependency, became a self-taught dancer, and actress and I learned art expression. With the expertise that I gained, from seminary, the arts, and recovery work I have been helping others navigate through their own trying times for 15 years.

A piece of my past journey that led me here 

I grew up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic environment from age 9-16. Dad remarried right in the peak of his acting career and got custody of me and my sister.  I was 9 and my sister was 8. “My stepmom was mean and cruel to my sister and me”

Our stepmom was mean and cruel to us and my dad was loyal to her. She would rile him up against us. She would yell “beat them Lale” and he would. He would drink and get very angry.

The verbal abuse was continuous with judgment, criticism of our feelings, and yelling at us for inappropriate reasons. I remember when my stepmom would scream in a high-pitched voice when I was eating, “hold your fork right” and I had not even been instructed there was a “right” way to hold a fork. To this day I can hear that high-pitched scream in my head, but it does not affect my emotions or confidence as a person now.

My sister and I would run away several times only to have the police bring us back and side with my dad and stepmom.

More to the story in my book

What to do…

Do you have constant ruminating thoughts and paralyzing anxiety? You may be in burnout. Have you ever wanted to slap someone for saying “Don’t worry, “Think positively,” or “There’s nothing to worry about”  Would you like to see growth and change in your life? I can help you grow beyond what you think your potential is.

I help burned out therapists, helpers, and entrepreneurs refresh, restore, and rebuild and find easy online income doing what they love who while building an empire. Discover how you can restore burn out, renew your help, and rebuild a lucrative virtual coaching business.

Don’t let another sun-set on this day without taking action to change your life. This could be you on the beach receiving coaching to accomplish a changed life.

I bring a wide range of professional and life experiences as a psychotherapist, confidence, and codependent expert.

I’ve written a book called Boundaries to freedom and 2 ebooks “Stop Burnout and change limiting beliefs for Success” and From “Burnout” to Restore, Renew & Rebuild setting Clear Boundaries.

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 “I pray you are loved and empowered in all things”

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