Positive Affirmations

Welcome to my blog where you will always here the truth that you can trust. The 3 C’S for the day!!

  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Contagious

These are what you can expect from the counseling sessions you receive from us. If you’re going to believe in something it might as well be something that will really help you. Let your faith lead and the feelings will follow.

Here is your thought for the day.

If you are a goal receiver then you will be a believer! Don’t let others bad choices and problems steel your joy. This is one of the things we learn in the codependency and emotional wholeness group

  • I will see my dreams come to pass.
  • God is my vindicator
  • Youth is an attitude
  • I am full of possibilities and opportunities
  • Don’t let others bad choices steel your life
  • If you have to believe something it might as well be something that can really help you
  • Let faith lead and feelings will follow
  • Be a goal receiver and you will be a believer

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