Done for you daily habits that will produce productivity for success

What daily habit propels you to activity?

 Florence Nightingale once said, “Success is a progressive realization toward a worthy ideal “we are happiest when we are accomplishing.

Learn to acknowledge your progress.

Acknowledging progress may bring out the bully or gatekeeper in your head.

When we cknowledging progress and we’re most proud of what we’ve done it can create an attitude in us of criticism or judgment against ourselves.

Daily habits when done consistently will create productivity that will make you proud of what you’ve done and accomplished.

There is a part of our psyche that unconsciously does not want us to be proud of what we’ve done.

So when you are productive and accomplish things and you feel proud of yourself for doing so our mean gatekeeper likes to criticize us and judge us. Just wanted everyone to be aware before we go into the habits that this may happen. When it does you have to stand up to the mean gatekeeper likes to tell you that you have not accomplished anything.

What is the gatekeeper you might be asking? A gatekeeper is like a bully only in your head telling you negative things about yourself. I explain more about the bully in my FREE guide. If you’d like my free 10 tips on the mental bully you can CLICK HERE  You will get a FREE coaching session

Also, here are the done for you daily habits but you can use on a consistent basis to help you see results in productivity which is the most important thing for your business or for your life.

Habits to develop in your personal development time.

  • Habit 1 write down at least five things you’re grateful for. Write down five different things every morning. Keep it simple.


  • My Hummingbird that comes every morning.
  • The chimes that I hear off in the distance.
  • My car that I get to drive.
  • My job that I get to have.
  • The breeze that comes on a hot day.

You can see how these are simple things to be grateful for. The power is in simplicity. And your brain doesn’t know the difference so it sends serotonin and good hormones to your brain to bring joy and happiness to your day

  • Habit 2 Read out loud, with emotion, your affirmations. You are some examples.

    • Money flows easily and passively into my life.
    • I am divinely guided and all that I do.
    • I enjoy inspiring others to live their dreams.
    • I am proud of myself for who I am and love myself unconditionally, now, and forever.
    • I am awake, alive, and feel great.
    • My business is growing every day.

You can make up your own by thinking about what qualities you want? And start each sentence with “I am” and fill in the blanks.

Reading your affirmations daily out loud makes you feel better.

Take a few minutes and do this. This is a powerful step so make sure you do it.



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