3 ways out of worry, and anxiety. Story about my life

I’m so glad you’re here learning how to be kind to yourself to eliminate or manage anxiety and fear.

A little story about my life. I grew up in a home that exemplified major anxiety and fear due to the chaos that went on daily. Yes, it was an alcoholic home full of dysfunction. I left home at 16 to get away from it.  But, It’s all I knew growing up and even when I left home anxiety came with me. Growing up I didn’t know how to manage anxiety or take care of myself or love myself. As a result, I had a mean bully in my head that represented all the negative verbal abuse I received growing up.

I just allowed the mean bully to continue to negatively impact my emotions and continue to create anxiety and fear in my life. Of course, I left home with a man that had the same patterns of dysfunction and anxiety in his own family. That felt familiar to me because of the dysfunction I grew up with even though it was toxic.

As I grew older, I learned that anxiety and fear is a common and very treatable condition. One thing to remember:  Don’t let the bully in your head win!

Try to be patient with yourself as you take steps along a path to peacefulness. It may take some time and practice but be assured you will get there.

Do you drive yourself like a racehorse, whip yourself into action, ignoring how exhausted you are? That’s how it was for me as I grew into an adult. I was driven constantly by ruminating thoughts that told me I needed to do more, be more, and be perfect. I was always worried about the future trying to get ahead of it and prepare for what I wanted it to look like.

Would you like to live free of worry and live abundantly? This is how you keep calm from anxiety and fear and be kind to yourself.

  • Don’t be distracted by future concerns.
  • Don’t beat yourself up to do better, go faster, or get more done.
  • Don’t allow your energy to spill over into tomorrow’s worries or past regrets.

Remember: Each day is a gift, treat it like a gift, and enjoy every little morsel of the day. You might ask; what are some practical ways that I can do this? How can I be kind to myself?

I’m glad you asked. There are several ways to be kind to yourself and learn to love yourself for who you are.

Here are some things to think about doing:

These are ways to keep your anxiety and fear at bay. Ways to connect with your little girl who may or may not have been able to play enough growing up.

  • Get a bottle of bubbles and a wand and run in the grass blowing the bubbles
  • Call a friend and ask them what they’re doing or invite them to come color with you

Above are only 2 of 100 self-care things that create happy hormones. See below for the FREE list ………………….

As a little girl, you may have not been able to do these things. These are just a couple of great ideas to be kind to yourself. When you’re having fun and being kind to yourself you are automatically not worrying. Serotonin and epinephrine, the feel-good hormones, are flooding your brain during these activities to make you happy. I have a whole list of 100 self-care activities just for scheduling your FREE coaching session to help keep you on track for the things that make you happy and loving yourself.

It’s important to stay in the moment and to think about ways to enjoy yourself.

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P.S. It’s never been a better time to develop yourself than now. Men/Women are doing INCREDIBLE things online, and you can too!

Until we meet again, pray: God keep me safe and protected where I am.

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“I pray you are loved and empowered in all things”

Much Love and hugs, Kathy

P.S.  I am committed to sharing with you the best of what I’ve learned for 30 years with confidence coaching and relieving anxiety and fear.

Most of all I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

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