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Most negative moods are a direct result of the trauma or pain that you experienced as a child? I noticed that about myself at times. I’m constantly working on my inner life and examining what causes me to think or behave the way I do. When I was young it was difficult to deal with the chaos in my family of origin and I used different coping mechanisms to escape. One of them was daydreaming or visualization. It helped at the time but as I grew up, I had to go revisit some of those incidences and deal with them on a more mature level.

In the process, I had to uncover the good bad, and ugly that were living in me. I had to examine what my limiting beliefs were, and I had to reexamine who I was and what I could bring that to the table of life.

Why it matters…As I grew older and needed to set goals for my business and life, I learned several ways to get to the places I needed to get to. I wanted transformation in my life, so I decided to work on myself and then be a rainbow for others. To do that I had to resolve my own inner critic and wrong values that came with me from childhood that no longer served me.

Transformation is messy sometimes but, we can compare it to thinking about how an explosion must happen before we can clean it all up and make it pretty.

Life situations and hard times and trials must be worked out in you. Just as Levin or yeast is worked into bread dough.

It’s a way to put to death your old ways and resurrect new things in your life for you to be transformed into better people. If you really want to live a life of success and happiness, then you have to put to death your own will and ways and choose to surrender to change. This helps us be better people.

Sometimes it’s hard to do it on our own. We need that mirror to look into another person that sees things that we don’t see.

What to do… So I wanted to share today some things that I did to heal and get free. They helped me get where I am today as a confidence and success coach coaching others to do the same. Remember the coping mechanisms of visualization I shared earlier that I used for my situation as a child? Well, once I sorted out the good from the bad in my inner self, I was able to repurpose visualization in my business. I created what I have now through visualization and other tools I picked up from so many coaches.

Some of the other tips are:

  • The first step is to decide who you are and what you care about.
  • Then determine your goals and take action steps daily
  • Get laser-focused on your goals: refused to take failure as an option
  • Keep things simple which is the only option that allows your brain to succeed.

These are just a few of the things that I teach in my program ‚ÄúUnlimited Freedom Accelerator‚ÄĚ to help coaches, therapists, and healers who appear successful but feel unfulfilled, burnt out and overwhelmed. They feel trapped in a career or lifestyle that’s not in line with what they really want. I help them reconnect with their authentic self and build a fulfilling life where they can finally create a lucrative income and do what they love.

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¬†During the ‚Äúmanage stress and¬†grow confidence‚ÄĚ free coaching¬†session, you will:

  1. Clarify your vision for setting a new behavior.
    2.   Create milestone objectives for love and confidence.
    3.   Develop a three-stage action plan.
    4.   Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your confidence.
  2. Leave the session with renewed confidence, motivation, and results.

You will come away feeling:

  • Renewed
  • ¬†Energized
  • ¬†Empowered
  • ¬†Courageous

We can work together to learn focused motivation, courage, monitoring your thinking, shifting paradigms, boundaries, self-love, and more…to change your life from mediocrity and lack of vision to a confident exciting, new future. 

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As a Confidence Coach, and over 30 years of personal experience & growth through difficult seasons of life. Over 15 years in coaching others using the arts, relationship support & recovery from codependency. I have 8 years of experience as a psychotherapist helping individuals change how to see life differently. Online & Offline I teach classes for both adults and children including art and dance expression.

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