How to breathe and nourish your body for serenity & 15 self-care tips guide

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Do you feel like life is just happening at too fast of a pace? Even when you slow down it moves too fast.

Focus on these statements for a minute and then let’s move into some relaxing and peaceful exercises to calm your body.

Affirmations to begin: I will step back and disengage from the Hurrying-busy-ness of life.

  • My body is a vital gift, and I will treat it with respect, and take time to replenish my energies.
  • I will seek out what it means to truly nourish my body and I will take special care to eat healthy meals.

Let’s focus today on breathing to take bring serenity to our minds and our bodies.

Here are some exercises that you can do to bring serenity and calmness to your day.

Say out loud today “I relax and take time to replenish my energies”

  • To start this exercise, take time to breathe slowly and deeply in tune with your natural rhythms.
  • Focus on relaxing your face muscles
  • Relax your muscles in your arms and legs relax your muscles in your neck and shoulders
  • Breathe slowly and evenly

Say this out loud: “I feel calm and at peace and I relax”.

This can be a new day of hope for you.

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