Who is the person behind the mask of pleasing, the key to reduce anxiety

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Turn your upside-down personality right side up

Did you know…You are not who you really think you are. You say “oh yes I am…. We all have blind spots, and they are called blind because we don’t see them. What if you saw them and were able to turn them right side up?

 Why it matters…Do you find yourself doing these things? 

  • taking care of everyone around you?
  • worrying about other people’s lives?
  • sacrificing your own happiness and prosperity?

Do you think these are virtues?

The traits that are important seem always to be ignored like talent, optimism, and self-discipline. These are truly positive qualities and when you see yourself clearly in that way you can have a sense of wholeness and a feeling of pride and peace. You will never see the difference if you don’t really look.

What to do… Finding out who you really are is the key to being happy within yourself. Today listen to your words and watch your actions. By knowing the person that you are you can create the person you want to become.

“Each man must lift himself to teach him the meaning of life. It is not something discovered: it is something molded.” “Antoine de Saint-Exupery”

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 During the “manage stress and grow confidence” free coaching session, you will:

  1. Clarify your vision for setting a new behavior.
    2.   Create milestone objectives for love and confidence.
    3.   Develop a three-stage action plan.
    4.   Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your confidence.
  2. Leave the session with renewed confidence, motivation, and results.

You will come away feeling:

  • Renewed
  •  Energized
  •  Empowered
  •  Courageous

We can work together to learn focused motivation, courage, monitoring your thinking, shifting paradigms, boundaries, self-love, and more…to change your life from mediocrity and lack of vision to a confident exciting, new future. 

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I coach in groups empowering individuals in transition from setbacks to hope and helping them rebuild their lives. (and I do it online!)  So you can enjoy being coached from the comfort of your home or anywhere). More coaching help on my blog here

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